Our Bachelor of Data Science is your opportunity to learn how to analyse, handle, and utilise data to inform decisions and build processes that ensure business success and more all over the world.

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Data Science encompasses the generation of insights and value from raw data and is the core of digital businesses across all sectors. It’s a field that requires a diverse mix of capabilities and skills - and never gets boring. Data informs key decisions, leads to optimisation of existing processes, and is the enabler of entirely new business models via data insights and automation. When you take a bachelor's degree in data science you join the data revolution that is leading major changes in businesses, economies, and societies today.

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All the important details about this programme

  • Study model
    Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
    180 ECTS
    Language: English
  • Duration of study
    36 months
    Different time models
    Start anytime
  • Study Fees
    From 199 euros per month
  • Accreditation
    180 ECTS - English
    AR Siegel
  • Admission
    Bachelor Admission
    English skills
  • Reduce your study fees
    Many scholarship options available
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Study Content


The IUBH bachelor in Data Science is an ideal opportunity to dive deep into the technical skills step-by-step - with a hands-on approach and expert guidance. Our professors make sure you gain the hacking skills, math and statistical knowledge, and domain expertise needed with the right balance of supervised and independent study. We put much emphasis on practical work throughout your degree, helping you to acquire a portfolio of projects to demonstrate your skills once you graduate.

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During your studies, you can choose from several fantastic specialisations, including: AI Specialist, Data Analyst and Data Engineer.

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With our approach to learning, you will gain the expertise, knowledge, and soft skills to become a valuable employee in any team or company. Whether analysing data, creating pipelines, or offering data consultancy services, you are sure to find an exciting career that could take you anywhere in the world.

(Junior) Data Engineer (m/w/d)

As a Data Engineer, you take care of the data pipelines of your enterprise. You employ technical expertise in relevant Cloud and Big Data technologies together with current operational methodologies in order to reliably ensure access to data for all business functions.

(Junior) Data Scientist (m/w/d)

From the layout of analytic pipelines to the design of machine learning models, from data quality improvements to the presentation and communication of data related insights, the job market for Data Scientists is as variegated as the field itself, offering a host of opportunities to find someone's niche.

(Junior) Analytics Consultant (m/w/d)

Virtually all major consulting companies as well as a lot of specialised consultancies have taken up on the huge demand in the field of Data Science by offering consultancy services with analytics focus. Thus, there is a thriving job market with a wealth of interesting opportunities to tap into.

Study Fees


Depending on your personal or professional situation, you might want to complete your studies as fast as possible or be looking for something more flexible and less time intensive. That's why we offer part-time options for all our degree programmes. This allows you to study alongside professional or personal commitments. Depending on your chosen degree, we adjust your tuition fees accordingly.  

Can't finish your degree in the given time? No problem! I f you realise that you need more time, you can simply change to another time model with three months' notice before the end of the month.


Duration 36 months

Perfect for those who want to hit the ground running and learn at the fastest pace possible. 

€339 / month Apply now

Teilzeit I

Duration 48 months

Super for all-round talents who want to go full throttle in their studies but also keep up with other commitments—plus reduce monthly study costs at the same time. 

€289 / month Apply now

Teilzeit II

Duration 72 months

Ideal for those who want to take time to complete their studies or for students with a lot of work or family commitments. This plan also reduces monthly study costs. 

€199 / month Apply now
Additional Fees
All our programmes include the following benefits
  • Online library as well as podcasts and videos

  • Correction and assessment of module exams

  • Multiple study models to suit you

  • Support and career services

  • Online forums

  • Individual Study Coaching

  • Take exams online or in person

  • Free extension of study period

  • Study Materials


Admission requirements

You can start your desired study programme at IUBH International if you meet the requirements.
Admission Requirements
English skills
Why IUBH is a great choice

    At IUBH you have the possibility for full-time or part-time studies. You can freely schedule when you want to study and, for many programmes, choose to learn 100% online. You can also take your exams online at any time. 


    IUBH is state-recognised and every study programme bears the seal of the German Accreditation Council. We attach great importance to the fact that all study programmes, materials and services meet high internal and external quality standards, which we regularly review and update. 


    You will find innovative learning tools and digital media, such as study scripts as Interactive Books®, learning videos, online consultation hours, and forums to exchange with other students. You also have full access to our large online library. In each course, a tutor is available to answer your questions. Our study coaches will also help you at any time. 


    Our courses provide you with key theoretical knowledge and focus, above all, on practice-oriented studies designed to best prepare you for your future career. Our wide range of subject specialisations gives you maximum choice and allows you to immerse yourself in areas that match your interests. 

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