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“What stands in the way, becomes the way” — Marcus Aurelius

Don't worry, at IU, we can get your education up to speed before you start university

Everyone deserves a shot at getting a top-of-the-line education. At IU International University of Applied Sciences, it’s our mission to create inclusive, accessible education. And we certainly don’t think a higher secondary school certificate should stand between you and your dream career. 

But sometimes you have to deal with setbacks — some obstacles just take more time and effort to overcome. 

So we've created a new option. IU is now a registered online Cambridge International School. This one-of-a-kind certification from Cambridge Assessment International Education makes it possible for us to prepare you for the Cambridge exam — and let you begin your Bachelor’s studies with us.

Now you're in charge of choosing your path with the specialisation that suits your curiosity

The A-Levels online course is designed to maximise your learning potential and get you ready for what's to come during your Bachelor's. We’ve bundled the A-levels together with our Bachelor’s programmes so you can complete your A-Levels at no additional cost.

Start your online degree with our Online Degree Saver Programme and receive a scholarship up to 50%! Start in our Online Degree Saver Programme as a participant with immediate access to 50% of your courses. Once you have handed in all admission documents and the courses are completed, you can go on to finish your degree.

To help get you started in today's job market, we're giving you the choice between our Tech Track and Business Track. Each track contains 3 modules and you can already start your selected Bachelor programme.

The Tech Track

  • Mathematics (AS/A)
  • English (AS/A)
  • Computer Science/IT (AS/A)

The Business Track

  • Mathematics (AS/A)
  • English (AS/A)
  • Economics (AS/A)

The track modules each contain 2 courses on a specific topic — for example, Mathematics AS & Mathematics A. And each course is planned with a workload of ~150 hours which you’ll conclude with an exam.

Whether your dream is to work in AI or to start your own business, A-Levels gives new options

At IU, we use a well-structured learning method that includes live lectures, recordings and course books to get you ready for your exams. And our wide range of learning materials ensures that you can study at your own pace. Yet it also gives you the flexibility to seamlessly integrate learning into your daily schedule.

To qualify for our A-levels, you must be over 18 years of age and have at least a B2 English skill level. 

So if you think you’re ready to start the next step in your career, reach out to us today!

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