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Practical & career-relevant skills

At IU, we have been at the forefront of digital education for over 10 years. During that time, digitisation, automation, and demographic changes have transformed the working world forever.

Many of the subjects taught at IU are amongst the least susceptible to the effects of automation. They also count amongst those most in demand in IU’s home country of Germany; 352 of 801 occupations face skills shortages, and the IT sector alone has 96,000 vacant positions.

Whatever you choose to study, IU prepares you for a rewarding and successful career with practical, career-oriented teaching from experienced industry professionals, using case studies based on the latest industry developments.

Excellent practical education

Germany boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe, and the lowest youth unemployment rates, owing in large part to this focus on excellent practical education.  

At IU, we consider it our mission to help students from all over the world reach their full potential  and find the work that best suits them. 

Our ways to help you achieve your goals are varied, from offering career coaching sessions at our campuses in Germany, to giving you the chance to earn a Dual UK and German Degree and thus boost your international profile, to hosting regular online and in-person networking and career events. 

We put a strong emphasis on the quality of our degrees and teaching staff. All of our professors have a strong international profile, as well as a minimum of 5 years of professional experience in their field of study, alongside their academic career. Many of our professors are company founders, CEOs or chairs of committees and boards. 

94% job

Of graduates find a job within the first three months


Of graduates promoted in the first three years


Average salary increase per year

What our students say

  • I found studying at IU to always be dynamic and exciting. There was the practical side of the learning, which was very important, but I was also never short of opportunities to be academically challenged.

    Janet Blasius


  • The fact that I managed to study alongside my full-time job and also change to a new job with more responsibility was only possible due to IU’s flexible time model.

    Anthony Hoffmann

    Graduate, Germany

  • The international perspective that I developed during my studies at IU helps me tremendously in my everyday professional life.

    Nienke Baas

    M.A. Marketing Management

  • I find data science is an interesting area of science where lots of things have not yet been discovered and development moves fast. That's also why I chose to join the M.Sc. Artificial Intelligence programme which I am currently studying at IU. The programme, tutors, and professors at IU are really accessible. I'm convinced this programme will keep my knowledge current or even create a new trajectory for my career.

    Riku Luostari

    Graduate, New Zealand

Our alumni work at

Our alumni have excellent job opportunities after graduating with a degree from IU. On the left you can find a small selection of companies where our alumni work at, after successfully completing their studies. 

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