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Syntea: the higher education chatbot

Syntea is a unique AI-powered tool developed by IU, specifically for our students. Available through the Course Feed and the IU Learn app (mobile version) in most of our courses – with the rest soon to come – it offers you a new and exciting way of learning and practicing new information.

Use Syntea, the AI teaching assistant, to empower yourself and optimise your studies. Leverage the benefits of cutting-edge technological advancements before everyone else – artificial intelligence, large language models (LLMs) and GPT – and you’ll not only learn better, but also be more prepared for working with these tools in the future, throughout your career

Simply put, it gives a real competitive edge over other job-seekers. You benefit from studying in an Innovative learning environment, offered by IU – the innovative university.

Think about it as a way of enhancing your studies, and another tool in your belt. You can ask any question you have and get your answer on the spot, and you can also assess your skills by taking a video-powered quiz while you browse through the coursebook.

How Syntea helps you study

With Syntea’s higher education chatbot features, you now have 24/7 access to tutor support. It’s a tool used by you and your tutors to enhance and improve your learning experience, with immediate answers offered to your questions, in addition to your regular interaction with your teaching staff. That means you get feedback and can check your knowledge when and where you want, on your terms.

Here are the key current features it offers (there's more on the way!):


You can ask Syntea any question related to the course content through the Course Feed or directly in the IU Learn app, through the Syntea widget. You’ll be given an answer and directed to the course book element where the answer was taken from, so you can expand your knowledge through it. 


The PreAssessment feature can be used in two different ways:  

  • Testing your existing knowledge before you start a course, to understand which units you should focus on. 
  • Testing your knowledge before you take the final exam, to understand what you need to improve your understanding of. 

By leveraging AI and natural language models, powered by Chat-GPT, Syntea’s PreAssessment feature uses video and audio to personalise your experience, and give you concrete suggestions for what you need to strengthen, highlight, and plan for as you advance in your course studies or prepare for the final exam. 

Answer all of the PreAssessment questions and get a detailed summary of your correct and incorrect answers, to guide you as you plan your next study session. Maximise your education with the help of IU’s innovative learning environment

Want to experience learning with Syntea and see for yourself what it can do? Apply now and start your studies at IU.

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