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How to apply

How to get started

How to get enrolled in your study programme

1. Your online application

Open our online application form, select your study programme and the starting date of your choice and upload your documents (certificates, CV, etc.) – straight away or at a later time.

For more information reach out to our Study Advisory Team or watch our explanatory video.

2. Your study contract

Once you’ve sent off your online application form, we will send you a non-binding study contract to sign. You can upload this before one of our study advisors will be in touch to discuss your eligibility and choice of course.

If you don’t quite meet our admission requirements, your contract will be terminated and you will not be charged any application fees.

3. Getting started

Once we have the required documents and they have been approved, you will be enrolled in your study programme. On the starting date of your studies, we will send you your log-in details via email, and you can access our online campus platform and get learning right away.

If you’re joining us on campus, our admissions team will support you through the visa process if necessary and get you prepared for life on our Berlin or Bad Honnef campuses.

Entry requirements - All you need to know

Admission requirements

In order to meet the IU admission requirements, you’ll need to first choose your study programme, as the requirements differ depending on your programme and its ECTS model.

Some programmes require previous professional experience, while others require a previous degree in a relevant field or a secondary school diploma. When looking at the study programme page you’re interested in, scroll over to or click on the “Admission” section. That’s where you’ll find in-depth information on the academic requirements you need to fulfil when applying.

If you don’t meet some of the admission criteria – don’t worry! You can contact our Study Advisory Team, who will offer solutions on a case-by-case basis, and help you apply to the right Bachelor or Master study programme for you.

Here’s a list of what you’ll need to start your studies with IU.

Bachelor study programmes entry requirements

Bachelor study programmes

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Master and MBA study programmes entry requirements

Master study programmes

In order to study for a Master’s degree at IU International University of Applied Sciences, you need to have completed an undergraduate degree – for example, a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent diploma. Certificates for degrees completed outside Germany must be sent along with a copy that has been translated into German or English. Some Master’s degree programmes also have special entry requirements.

Please note that some study programmes have special entry requirements (e.g. previous degree in a specific field, requisite work experience or previous knowledge in certain subject areas). You can find up-to-date information about entry requirements on our website by visiting the study programme of your choice and looking under “entry requirements”.

MBA study programmes

Technical requirements

Technical requirements

As most – or all – of your studies will be carried out online, you’ll need some basic technological tools in order to study at IU Online University of Applied Sciences. These include a reliable Wi-Fi connection, a laptop or a PC and, for exams – an external webcam or a webcam mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.

We’ve prepared a list of the minimum specification requirements you’ll need, in order to ensure a smooth and enjoyable studying experience. The list covers the operating systems, browser and webcam models we recommend all of our students use.

If you have any questions regarding these technical requirements, please get in touch with our Study Advisory Team.

Minimum computer and webcam specifications required

Personal counselling

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