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Career offices

Being a student at IU means more than just working towards earning a degree - it means working towards fulfilling your professional ambitions, and having the best career you can have. That's where our career office services come in: our team of career experts, available to our on-campus students in Germany, will help you throughout each step of your job search efforts.

Our career offices

In this video, Jan Fischoeder, the head of IU's Career Office, describes how our career experts will help you in your efforts to kickstart your professional journey.

Career fairs

Our career offices in Berlin and Bad-Honnef organise yearly career fairs on campus, where a large number of our business partners send recruiters to meet our students, tell them about their companies and offer them a chance to find out about internships and career opportunities, where they can make their first professional steps after – or even during – their studies. 

The career fairs give you a chance to apply the tips you get from your career coaching sessions, and many of our graduates have found internships or graduate jobs at our past fairs.  

With talks and presentations hosted by recruiters from hotel chains, airline companies, engineering firms and other large corporations, the career fairs are a fantastic opportunity to network, explore diverse opportunities and practice your job-hunting skills.  

By working closely with our career experts before the fair, you can be confident in your ability to achieve your goals and move one step closer towards fulfilling your ambitions. 

Due to current contact restrictions, our career fairs are on hold. They will return as soon as circumstances allow.

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