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IU Career Office

At IU, you’re never on your own. Our dedicated team at the Career Office is there for you from day one, with an exclusive range of career services to guide you towards fulfilling your professional ambitions.

Being a student at IU International University of Applied Sciences is about more than just earning a degree — you’re building your future. Whether you’re taking your first steps in the working world, seeking career advancement, or thinking of switching fields, the IU Career Office will help you reach your goals.

We support your career development

Need help writing your CV, don’t know where to start in your job search, or just want tips and tricks on how to ace your next interview? The IU Career Office is here for you!

With our wide range of career services (and more to come), you’ll find at your disposal a wealth of resources that can help you land your dream job. Most of our services are now available online – including our guide for How to get a job in Germany - so no matter where you are in the world, we’re ready to support you in taking that next step in your career. You can view all our career events on myCampus calendar and our online JobTeaser career platform.

Here’s a quick look at the Career Office services currently available to our Online and On-campus students:

Career servicesFrequencyOnlineOn-campus

Career Talks


Career Prep Trainings (Live)

Weekly or Biweekly

1:1 Career Advice (Email or Zoom)

Daily slots; on demand

Application document check (Email)


Jobteaser Platform

24/7, online

Career coffee shots


JobTeaser Online Platform

Our exclusive careers platform includes:

  • Over 130,000 job and internship offers*
  • 2,700+ international company contacts*
  • Company reviews from other students
  • Registration for IU career events & trainings
  • Tips, tricks, and useful links for your job search and application

*The numbers reflected above are subject to changes.

Career Talks

We’re hosting weekly events where you can:

  • Be in direct contact with companies and recruiters
  • Get company and recruiting insights
  • Access job and internship opportunities
  • Network with professionals in diverse industries

Career Prep Trainings

We’ll help you prepare for your job hunt with:

  • Career planning and job search strategies
  • CV and cover letter how-to's
  • Interview techniques
  • Salary negotiations
  • Insights about the German business culture

Sometimes all it takes is a coffee chat to set you up for success

The IU Career Office is launching a new monthly event called Career Coffee Shots. During each 45-minute session, you’ll be in a group call with the Career Office team and other IU students where you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Reflect on your career and get insights on how to advance
  • Learn about career frameworks, trends, and news
  • Get motivated and put yourself in the right mindset

Recent events

The world of FinTech

In November 2022 we welcomed FinTech giant Bloomberg to our Career Talk series where they gave their advice on how to succeed in the world of FinTech based on their own experiences, as well telling students about the values and products Bloomberg present. To top it all off, our students had the chance to witness their most famous product, The Terminal, in action! 

Successful consultants

Two IU alumni who have gone on to be successful consultants at STI Consulting returned to present new employment opportunities to the next generation of IU students or graduates. Proud to share their 25+ years of experience in managing projects for medium and large companies with its strategic and innovative foresight, STI Consulting offers their clients solutions that turns data into value and leads them to leverage endless digital possibilities the future holds.

HR technology

The fastest growing and most valuable HR technology company in Europe, Personio joined us to share with our community insights into their working culture and exciting job opportunities for students and graduates. Our guest Manuel also shared his career experiences showing how he landed by Personio, what the recruitment process involved and how he has developed within the company. 

Cutting-edge healthcare technology

PreciPoint is a leading player in the field of cutting-edge healthcare technology. Their intelligent microscope systems and innovative, AI-driven analysis software can significantly improve diagnostic speed and accuracy, making healthcare more accessible and efficient for patients. They joined us to share exciting updates about their industry and stimulating opportunities to join their Sales team where IU students and graduates can be a part of something greater. 

From student to full-time work

German technology company trivago specialises in internet-related services and products in the hotel, lodging and metasearch fields. Their tech team joined us in February to share their advice on how to navigate the transition from student to full-time work to take those all-important first steps in your professional career in tech. After this successful event, trivago will be joining us again in March 2023 to shed light on what data scientists actually do: What does their day-to-day looks like? What kind of tasks and projects do they work on? One of their Data Science experts will be sharing their experiences and tips to support our student community.  

International work experience

USEH are specialist providers of high-quality paid international internships and training opportunities in Tourism and Hotel Management, Business Administration, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Engineering, and IT. They have placed thousands of young professionals into work placements in the US, Australia, Canada, China, New Zealand, and Turkey. After the popularity of our first event, USEH joined us again to discuss the value of international work experience and present diverse opportunities they have to offer students. 

Upcoming events


Today’s workplace is much more dynamic than it was in the days of our parents and grandparents. Many of us will change employers and jobs several times during our working lives. Workwise, specialists who help job seekers find the right job quickly and with ease, will join us to help our students and alumni gain clarity about their career path, discover new opportunities and avoid the most common pitfalls when changing careers.  

12.18 Group

12.18 Group believes in creating something special by supporting the whole value creation chain for real estate in the hotel and hospitality industry. They offer investment, development, asset management, hospitality management and sales from a single source and are growing rapidly. An IU Alumnus has gone on to find success with 12.18 Group will be joining to share opportunities with the next generation of IU students and graduates.  

Career Prep Training: Effective CV Writing

One of our and your all-time favourite career topics is back! In this edition of our Career Prep Training series, the IU Career Office shows you how to write an effective CV for the German job market. A CV is one of the most important documents you'll need to land a job, so it's crucial that you present yourself in the best light possible. In this training you'll learn the Do's and Don't's of CVs, how you can structure a good CV, and what tools and templates there are to help you.  

Personal counselling

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