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Tuition fees – Online studies

You’re busy with work, you’ve got a family, or you have other projects you’d like to work on alongside your studies. No problem! We’ll help you to fit in everything that matters to you. And if you realise that you’re going to need more time, you can simply take a semester off or extend your degree/training course by up to 12 months – completely free of charge.

You can find precise details of the tuition fees on the relevant course page under “tuition fees”.

Tuition fees – On Campus

If you’re looking for studies that combine flexibility and structure, on campus is just the thing for you: combine live lectures (on campus or virtually from anywhere) with digital study materials that are accessible 24/7.

Study in small groups with other students from all over the world, and enjoy the benefits of a full university degree experience – on your own terms.

For more details about the on campus model, visit our study models page.

All of our study programmes include the following

  • Teaching and study material
  • Marking of your end-of-module exam
  • Free 4-week trial
  • Online tutorials and guidance from tutors
  • Use of the online campus
  • Individual study coaching
  • Online exams
  • No charge for extension of course duration
  • Career coaching

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Time models

Time models: Study full-time or part-time

Full-time studies are not always easy to manage, depending on your personal or professional situation. That’s why we’ve developed part-time programmes that offer flexible and extended study periods for all of our study programmes. This way, you can study alongside your job or in your free time, whether you’re in Germany or abroad. The various models are all identical in content. We will adapt your tuition fees to suit your time model. If you choose one of the part-time options, your weekly study workload will be reduced.


Perfect for students who want to hit the ground running and shorten the period of study by increasing their studying pace.

Part-time I

Excellent for talented all-rounders who want to give their studies everything they’ve got while holding down a job and keeping down their monthly costs at the same time.

Part-time II

Ideal for students who would like to take their time completing their course on top of their job and everyday life and keep down the monthly costs of their studies.

Time model duration

Personal counselling

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