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Want to find out about the IU student life? We have plenty of information to share. You can explore our digital learning platform if you’re thinking about studying online, or learn about our campuses locations if you’re considering one of our on-campuses programmes in Germany. While you’re at it, why not visit our reasons for studying in Germany and benefits of studying English pages, to find out how both can be a major boost for your future career. 

Looking for more technical details about the day-to-day aspects of IU? You can check out a comparison between our different study models to understand what fits your needs better, and there's also a handy list of all of the forms & documents you might like to submit, like getting your past achievements recognised as credit points.  

And hey, don’t you think all these benefits are better when you get to share them with others? Maybe bring a friend to study with you, and even get money for it as a bonus.