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MBA – Salesforce


Become an expert in B2B and B2C interconnectivity with an internationally recognised Salesforce MBA from IU International University of Applied Sciences. 

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At IU, you get a real head start on your dream career

And if you apply before October 13th, you can save up to $1,399. 

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Start your online MBA – Salesforce Now

Learn to master the world’s leading customer relationship management software. You can build a solid knowledge base on how to work with Salesforce, and independently apply this knowledge, equipping yourself with the administrative skills to provide solutions for customers and businesses alike.

Combining these specialised skills with the business know-how of an MBA will put you in a great position to enter companies of all sizes, or even run your own – and you can also receive an official Salesforce certificate, to further establish your professional profile.

Your online degree summed up

All the facts and figures about your study programme at a glance
Study model
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Language: English
Dual degree: Available
Study duration & extension
18 - 36 months (depending on time model)
Free of charge extension period
Start online studies: any time
Tuition fees
Starting from US$ 378 (US$ 418)* per month

*based on the exchange rate from 15.09.2022 09:05 AM (CEST)
90 ECTS - English
Accredited in line with German and European standards
ZFU 153413c
Past education recognised
Save time and earn your degree faster by having your previous achievements/experience recognised

You can start your online MBA programme whenever you want. The first 9 modules are available right away, and the last modules of the Salesforce specialisation will be available later on, before you complete your studies.

100 % flexible

You decide where and when you want to study

Versatile & Innovative

Your digital learning journey with personal support!

Top-Level Education

First-class study programmes with a recommendation rate of 96 %

Study contents

Online course overview

With the online MBA programme specialising in Salesforce, available completely online, you’ll first develop a strong business administration knowledge. Building on that, you’ll learn practice-oriented concepts such as operations and information management, strategic management, leadership and corporate finance, to prepare you for the various challenges facing modern managers around the world. Then, in your second semester, you’ll have the chance to specialise in Salesforce sales and consulting, developing software-specific skills for maximum practical orientation.

In your specialisation modules, you’ll familiarise yourself with the Salesforce software platform and the principles of customer relationship management. Afterwards, you’ll develop hands-on experience by working on the software, exploring its features and potential uses for various business cases. By the end of your studies, you’ll be well-equipped to successfully lead Salesforce projects. 

In addition to your education on the technical aspects of CMS, you’ll also acquire sales management skills, get to know the core ideas behind customer-driven organisations and learn how to identify the specific solutions needed for different sales channel challenges. By the end of your studies, you’ll have a well-rounded understanding of how to use Salesforce in order to enhance and optimise the sales and customer retention processes for any business you’ll work for in the future.


Entry requirements

How To Start Your Degree with the Online Degree Saver Programme:

Once you've enrolled and started on your studies, you'll have access to a part of your courses, based on the time model you choose. You will be registered as a student only after 50% of the total ECTS have been successfully completed. Then you will gain access to the rest of your courses, and will be able to finish your degree.

The admissions documents must be provided in English or German, if they were not issued in one of these two languages, a translation is required. If you need to translate your documents, we can help refer you to our trusted translation partners. You can find more details here.

At IU, you get a real head start on your dream career

And if you apply before October 13th, you can save up to $1,399. 

Apply now

Check out our study programmes and find out how you can learn job-ready skills, get practical experience, and set yourself up for success.

*You can start any time.
*This discount is only available for the online studies model.


Your MBA – Salesforce career outlook

Salesforce MBA professionals are in demand for almost any company and business sector, as their abilities are key to improved performance and business growth. Build your career in the international job market by taking on roles such as:

Salesforce Sales Manager

Oversee and set the tone for your company’s overall business growth. Use Salesforces’ advanced data analysis tools to set data-driven targets and business objectives for sales team, and help management make decisions based on numbers and trends. Define the scaling and development guidelines and principles for your team, instruct and support the sales representatives, and carry out regular performance reviews. Use your strong familiarity with Salesforce to identify new growth opportunities and help your company achieve ambitious goals.

Salesforce Business Developer

Use Salesforce for optimising marketing strategies, recognising new customer acquisition opportunities, and unlocking new potential markets. Develop business plans, costumer conversion funnels and scalable business models, by using Salesforce to analyse both potential new customers and your competitors.

Salesforce Consultant

Help customers navigate Salesforce and unlock all of its abilities, in ways that best suit their goals and needs. Help them optimise processes in customer development and support, and improve their approaches to customer requests and demands. Your work as a consultant will be all about finding solutions that promote both the customers and your goals, in a way that leads companies to better performances – building your reputation and portfolio as a qualified Salesforce consultant along the way.

Student reviews

This is what our students say

  • Combined with practical work experience, the study programme at IU was the right choice for me.

    Britta Gabriel

    Graduate, Germany

  • A big advantage for me was that I could work on the marketing and tourism management module while I was setting it up, so was able to directly use my knowledge in these areas. I also really benefited from the monthly examinations because there was less time pressure.

    Jenny Strumpf

    Graduate, Germany

  • I can already put the knowledge I have learned from my studies into practice at my employer: I am responsible for the digitalisation and automation of certain processes in my department.

    Lauritz Bärenfänger

    Online student

Personal counselling

Have any questions?

Visit our FAQ page or get in touch with our Study Advisors.

Tuition fees

Online study model & fees for your MBA degree in MBA – Salesforce

Depending on your personal or professional circumstances, you may wish to complete your studies as quickly as possible, or you may prefer a more flexible study programme that is less time-consuming. That’s why we offer part-time options for all our study programmes. This allows you to study alongside professional or personal commitments. We adjust your study fees based on your chosen time model.

Are you unable to finish your programme within the given time? No problem! If you realise that you need more time, you can simply switch to another time model with one months’ notice before the end of the month.

No registration or administration fees are charged when you apply for studying – you'll only be charged once your studies have started. If you won't be admitted to a programme because you do not meet the admission requirements, no fees will be charged.


Duration 18 Months

Perfect for students who want to hit the ground running and shorten the period of study by increasing their studying pace.

US$ 737
US$ 657 /mth*
*based on the exchange rate from 15.09.2022 09:05 AM (CEST)
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Part-Time I

Duration 24 Months

Excellent for talented all-rounders who want to give their studies everything they’ve got while holding down a job and keeping down their monthly costs at the same time.

US$ 577
US$ 517 /mth*
*based on the exchange rate from 15.09.2022 09:05 AM (CEST)
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Part-Time II

Duration 36 Months

Ideal for students who would like to take their time completing their courses on top of their job and everyday life and keep down the monthly costs of their studies.

US$ 418
US$ 378 /mth*
*based on the exchange rate from 15.09.2022 09:05 AM (CEST)
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Additional charges

Boost your career.

Earn a dual degree.

With the IU and LSBU (London South Bank University) dual degree track, you get a unique opportunity – you can choose if you want to graduate with both a German and a British graduation certificate, without any extra academic requirements. The study programmes at IU and at LSBU are coordinated and therefore equivalent to each other.

All our study programmes include the following benefits

  • Teaching and study material
  • Marking of your end-of-module exams
  • Free 4-week trial
  • Online tutorials and guidance from tutors
  • Use of the online campus
  • Individual study coaching
  • Online exams
  • Career coaching
  • Learn English for free

Recognition of previous achievements

Have you already completed a training course, studied at a university or gained work experience? Have you completed a course or a learning path through IU LinkedIn Learning, and earned a certificate? Then you have the opportunity to get your previous achievements recognised, and complete your studies at IU sooner.

  • Save time: Skip individual modules or whole semesters!

Even before you apply for an online study programme, we’ll gladly check whether we can take your previous achievements into account: 100% online, no strings attached. Simply fill in our recognition application form, which you can find under the content section of each study programme's webpage, and upload it via our upload section. You can also e-mail it to us, or send it via post.

Send an email to to find out which previous achievements you can get recognised. Make sure you send your application before the end of your 1-month trial. You can get your previous achievements recognised during your studies.

Do you need help with your application for recognition? Our student advisors will be happy to help. Simply arrange a personal call-back appointment. Arrange a personal video consultation appointment to discuss recognition

At IU, you get a real head start on your dream career

And if you apply before October 13th, you can save up to $1,399. 

Apply now

Check out our study programmes and find out how you can learn job-ready skills, get practical experience, and set yourself up for success.

*You can start any time.
*This discount is only available for the online studies model.

Why IU International University of Applied Sciences is the best choice

Your Studies Are Flexible and 100% Online

Schedule when you want to learn and study 100% online. At IU you have the possibility to complete your degree fully from home, whether full-time or part-time. You can even take your exams online whenever it suits you. 

Accredited & Globally Recognised

IU is accredited and certified with a seal of approval from the German Accreditation Council. All IU study programmes, materials, and services meet high internal and external quality standards, which are regularly reviewed and updated. We can also provide you with an official Europass Diploma Supplement once you graduate, to ensure that your degree is recognised anywhere in the EU.

You Gain Full Support

We provide you with innovative learning tools, digital study material, tutorial videos, student advice and support. You also have 24/7 access to our large online library. Your tutors are always available to answer your questions. Our study coaches are also available to help at any time. 

The Ideal Mix of Theory & Practice

Our programmes provide you with essential theoretical knowledge and focus, above all, on practice-oriented studies designed to best prepare you for your future career. Thanks to our great variety of electives you can specialise in the specific areas that match your personal goals.