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Studying in English

Why we offer courses in English

At IU International University of Applied Sciences, our goal is to give you the best tools you can get for successfully developing an international career. That is why we’re offering courses, modules and complete study programmes in English – to best prepare you for the international job market. 

By studying in English, even if it’s not your native language, you gain a competitive edge over other candidates in the future, because you’ve developed your language skills in a practical setting, and have familiarised yourself with business and industry-specific terms and definitions that are universally recognised. 

As a graduate of IU, you’ll not only have an internationally recognised and accredited degree – you’ll also have access to our wide network of alumni from all over the world, and to job fairs and career events with our global business partners. 

Work towards securing your future: develop your international profile with an English-taught university degree from Germany’s largest University of Applied Sciences. 

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Benefits of studying in English

  • English is the international language of business
  • It increases your chances of finding a career overseas
  • It will help you bridge cultural gaps and manage teams with different backgrounds
  • It provides a competitive edge over others
  • In many industries, English is a mandatory skill for employees
  • It helps you build an international profile
  • You'll be better prepared for future changes in the international job market
  • It improves your chances on the local job market in your home country

We’ll help you improve your English

If you’re not sure that your English language skills are strong enough, don’t worry – we can help you improve them. There are several ways to measure and improve your English skills before and during your studies at IU:

Online English language skills test via Duolingo

Before starting your studies, you can take an online English language skills test via Duolingo. It’s online, simple, reliable and fast: you can take it now and finish in 45 to 60 minutes. You’ll get certified results – meaning, a proof that you can use when applying for a study programme at IU – within 2 business days. 

Sign up to the IU online English course

What happens if you took the test, and didn’t get the score you need in order to apply? We have a solution for you. You can sign up to the IU online English course – completely free of charge! You’ll have 3 months to complete the course and reach the level required by IU. Once you’ve reached that level, you’ll need to take a test, which will serve as the proof of English skills that you need to submit when applying. 

Learning by doing

The best part about studying in English? You get to improve your language skills while working towards achieving your goals and earning a degree. By using English every day when studying, writing assignments or talking to other students and lecturers, you’ll improve your English, slowly but surely. By the time you’ll graduate, you’ll have much more confidence in your English language skills, and in your ability to work anywhere around the world. 

The importance of having an international profile

In today’s increasingly globalised world, we are more connected than ever, and physical distances can be covered with the click of a button. This offers a great wealth of opportunities, as jobs and knowledge from around the world become readily available for anyone, anywhere around the world.

But it also poses some challenges, as competition becomes fiercer and the list of skills that employees need to develop increases. That is why having a strong international work profile is so important.

By having proven English language skills, international work experience, familiarity with other cultures and a demonstrated ability to work independently and in a flexible manner, you’ll show future employers that you can take on challenging tasks in an international context, with a wide range of responsibilities.

You’ll be eligible for more jobs around the globe, increase your chances of earning a promotion and a pay raise and have access to more internship and training opportunities when starting out your professional journey. In the later stages of your career, having an English-taught degree from an international university can improve your chances of being promoted to a managerial position, or taking on managerial tasks and responsibilities.

And with an internationally recognised degree, you have better chances of finding a position overseas – a great way to develop your skills, build a global network, challenge yourself and experience something new.

It also offers a strong defence from the fluctuations and changes in the job market; with a global skillset and profile, it’ll be easier for you to find a job even in difficult times, thanks to your ability to fulfil positions anywhere on the globe.

Learn a new language while studying – Not just English

As a student at IU, you can improve more than just your English. Some of our study programmes offer the opportunity to earn ECTS points for learning a new language. Open up new opportunities for your career, based on your ambitions and interest, and learn one of the following languages as an elective module in your study programme: German, French, Italian, Spanish or Turkish. With the help of the services of our business partners at Rosetta Stone®, you’ll develop your new language skills step-by-step and level by level.  

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