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B.A. International Management

Bastian Mahmoodi

"Especially the fundamentals lectures gave me great tools for my daily business."

IU (formerly known as IUBH) alumnus Bastian Mahmoodi went into business right after his studies. He established the company Innozation GmbH, which is devoted to the highly topical issue of the shortage of skilled workers in Germany. As a managing partner he heads the company and creates an alternative to classical personnel placement.

Bastian Mahmoodi, an IU alumnus with a Bachelor’s degree in International Management, has been awarded the IU Alumni Award 2023 in the "Entrepreneurship" category. Mahmoodi's achievement is attributed to his founding of VISABEE in 2018, a recruitment company aimed at addressing challenges faced by skilled workers seeking to migrate to Germany.  

The company, known for its "Guided Immigration Made in Germany" initiative, facilitates collaboration between small and medium-sized enterprises and international professionals, particularly in the medical sector. VISABEE's unique approach involves showcasing job opportunities within its extensive international partner network while taking responsibility for the entire immigration process, from candidate assessments to post-arrival support.  

Mahmoodi's commitment to excellence is evident in the company's success, and he envisions expanding VISABEE's impact into other sectors. The company's future trajectory includes expanding its footprint beyond healthcare into the realm of professional drivers and diversifying its impact on the skilled labour market. Additionally, VISABEE is poised to launch a streamlined platform to simplify accessibility for corporate clients seeking international talent. 

The IU Alumni Award jury commended Mahmoodi for his exceptional role in bridging the gap between enterprises and talented individuals from non-EU countries. His efforts contribute to elevating small and medium-sized businesses while addressing skilled labour shortages in socially significant sectors. Bastian Mahmoodi is recognised as a symbol of entrepreneurial ingenuity and a force for positive change, making him a deserving recipient of the IU Alumni Award 2023.