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M.A. Marketing Management

Anastasia Zerounian

"One thing I really liked about IU is the multi-culti factor. There are students from all around the world. And this is a key reason why I chose it."

I'm Anastasia, I come from Athens, Greece. And I'm doing a Master's degree in Marketing Management at IU. 

My experience in IU so far has been amazing. I can study at my own pace, and the courses fit my schedule perfectly.  

I chose IU because the degree is accredited. And that is why I felt like I could trust them. Plus, at the same time, it's affordable. One last thing that I really liked about IU is the multi-culti factor. There are students from all around the world. And this is a key reason why I chose it.  

I decided not to study in Greek, because I wanted to pursue an international career, and studying in English gives you the opportunity to practice a lot. Also, to be honest, in Greece, it is prerequisite, and it's required that my English is top level. So, I think by studying in English, that would be a tremendous help for me.  

I came to Germany because of my partner, he got a job offering and we relocated, but in a very short amount of time, I think like three months I got a job too. In Germany, the career prospects are much higher than in Greece, I work four days per week, because I wanted to study at the same time, I have a busy schedule, besides my working hours, I wanted to integrate in this new country, get the vibe of the city, and fully integrate and learn the language. So I'm trying to keep a balance in my life between working hours, plus the fun activities that I have started.  

My favorite way of studying is when I'm at home, I use my laptop to enter the platform. But when I'm on the go, when I'm commuting. when I'm going to the gym, I use the IU learn app on my phone. So, I can always stay connected.  

Before actually becoming an online student, I was a bit afraid that there will not be a human interaction, but actually, what IU has accomplished is that you're never alone. If you have a question, I was wondering what can I do? There are many Q&A sessions during your month so you can ask any questions that you have. Plus, if you get left behind with your studying, there is the study coach that can help you and bring you back on track, so you do not have to worry. There are many people that want you to succeed.  

An advice that I have for current or even prospective students: be honest with yourselves, find out what you want to do, find a degree that can fit in your schedule - don't try to fit your life in a degree schedule.