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Study at IU and land a job offer within 18 months of graduating – or get your money back! 

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What is the Job Guarantee?

Germany, EU’s largest economy, is bustling with opportunities in tech. Position yourself for a successful career in Germany with an internationally recognised, career focused master’s degree in tech from IU. Study risk-free with our Job Guarantee and access resources to land a job after graduation – or get a full refund of your tuition. 

The complete terms and conditions are listed on the Supplementary Agreement. Please contact our Study Advisors to know more. 

Our Promise

Get a job 18 months after graduation or get your full tuition fee refunded


On-campus students 

For all Master’s in Tech programmes: 

  • MA Computer Science  
  • MA Cyber Security  
  • MA Data Science  (120 ECTS)
  • MA Artificial Intelligence  

Exclusive career prep training, workshops, personalised career coaching and more. 


€ 3500 


Get more than just a job – access a wealth of career support resources!

Our job Guarantee is more than just a job promise – you also gain exclusive, personalised career assistance to land a full-time role in the industry of your interest and educational background. Check out the benefits you’ll have access to with the Job Guarantee:

General services:

  • Virtual Onboarding Call and FAQ session for all cohorts 
  • Welcome event on campus 
  • On-campus German course 
  • B2 German certification

Trainings and workshops:

  • Soft skill training 1: Self and time management 
  • Soft skill training 2: Communication and self-presentation in the German career context 
  • Soft skill training 3 
  • Career trainings 1-6: programmes that cover career planning, job search aid, CV and Cover Letter prep, German business culture and more. 
  • Workshops after each career training programme to help you actively create what is required – for instance, a CV, your job search strategy, your elevator pitch and so on 

Career support:

  • MSE Career Buddy program (where you’ll be paired with another student as career buddies) 
  • Quarterly career check-ins with a dedicated Career Advisor as part of the 2:1 Buddy program 
  • Consistent email support with your personal Career Advisor 

Job and internship services:

  • Job Board with Internships and part-time jobs in Berlin 
  • 10 ECTs internship module (elective)  
  • In case you have still not received an internship, you will be provided a virtual internship placement in Germany 
  • Tracking your applications, the status of your application document and interviews 
  • 1:1 consultations to create an individual application strategy 
  • Mock Interview with an Industry Expert 
  • Get access to a CV Builder & check tool and receive personal feedback 
  • Placement in internal and external Talent Pools 

An IU degree always pays off

Invest in yourself with an IU degree. Our students are proof that an IU degree is worth it. 

Ready to explore your career opportunities in Germany? Talk to our Study Advisors today!

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IU Job Guarantee: Requirements

To qualify for the Job Guarantee, you will need to:  

  • Be enrolled in one of IU’s participating programmes.  
  • Complete your studies in the standard study period with an overall grade of at least 2.5.  
  • Reach a B2 German language level during your period of study. 
  • Complete at least 300 hours of internship and/or part-time employment internships.  
  • Participate in employability trainings and workshops.  
  • Actively apply for jobs. 

Our promise towards your goal

We want to help you maximise your IU master’s in tech degree and land that first job after graduation. 

  • You will receive access to IU’s incredible career support resources.  
  • Our career services are geared towards helping you get a job in Germany that is related to your field of study and offers at least a 12-month contract.  
  • If you do not find a job in 18 months, you will receive a complete refund of both your tuition fees and the Job Guarantee fee. 

The complete terms and conditions are listed on the Supplementary Agreement. Please contact our Study Advisors to know more. 

Not just any job – our aim is to help you secure a substantial career

IU’s Job Guarantee helps you find a relevant job to boost your career trajectory. 

In fact, all jobs recognised by the Job Guarantee need to be: 

  • In Germany 
  • Related to Data Sciences and Tech 
  • With a contract of at least 12 months 

Participating programmes
Two computer scientists concentrating at work

Participating degree programmes

Take advantage of the vast opportunities in tech that Germany offers – start a master’s degree in tech from IU:  

Kickstart your Tech career in Germany with IU. Speak with our Study Advisors today. 

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Frequently asked questions

What is the Job Guarantee?

The Job Guarantee offers students enrolled in our master’s in tech programmes a risk-free way to study in Germany: either you get a job within 18 months of graduation, or your full tuition refunded. 

To help you land a job in Germany, we’ll provide you with access to exclusive, personalised career support and services. 

For which study programmes is the Job guarantee available?

You can get the Job Guarantee with the MA Computer Science, MA Cyber Security, MA Data Science (120 ECTS), and MA Artificial Intelligence programmes. 

Is the Job Guarantee right for me?

IU’s Job Guarantee is an exclusive option available for those looking to not just graduate with a degree but also land a job in Germany after graduation. Given that Germany is the world’s fourth largest economy and is bustling with opportunities in the tech market, the Job Guarantee is available only for on-campus master’s in tech programmes to maximise your chances of job success!  

Why do I have to pay an extra fee for the Job Guarantee?

Our Job Guarantee is not just a refund policy. With the Job Guarantee, you get access to IU’s wealth of career support resources to help you land a job. The fee covers soft skill development and training programmes, job profile workshops, German language course, personalised career support and more - to help position you as a top candidate in the German job market.

What services does IU provide under this program?

IU offers a range of services, including language courses, career talks, employability trainings and workshops, feedback on CV and application letters, placement in unpaid remote internships, access to the IU Job-Board, mock-up interviews, and 1:1 career consultations. The detailed list of services can be found in Appendix 1 of the supplementary agreement. Please reach out our study Advisors to know more. 

Will IU provide language courses for learning the German language?

Yes, IU will grant access to language courses for learning the German language with 50 UE (Unterrichtseinheiten or teaching units). 

Does IU cover the cost of German language certification?

Yes, IU will cover the payment for one certification cost for the German B1 level (or higher).

What job offer qualifies under the Job Guarantee?

At IU, we are committed to your goal of landing a full-time, long-term job* in Germany that is related to your field of study. We understand that your goal is not to land just any job, but one that is in Germany, related to your education and comes with at least a 12-month contract – and this is what qualifies under our Job Guarantee. 

The complete terms and conditions are listed on the Supplementary Agreement. Please contact our Study Advisors to know more.

What requirements must I meet to be able to claim a refund in case I do not get a job 18 months after graduation?

With an IU career focused degree, the Job Guarantee's exclusive job support services and Germany’s viable tech market, you stand a strong chance at landing a job after graduation. However, if you do not receive a job offer within 18 months from graduation, you will be eligible for a refund if you:   

  • are enrolled in one of the participating programmes, 
  • completed your study in the standard period and maintained a grade over 2.5 
  • secured a B2 level in German  
  • attended career support training 
  • completed 300 hours of internships 
  • and have been actively applying for jobs in Germany.  

What are the main obligations of IU?

IU's main obligations include providing you with information and tips on program structure, visa and work permit processes, accommodation in Berlin, granting access to language courses, payment for one German language certification, holding regular Career Talks, offering employability trainings and workshops, providing feedback on CV and application letter, offering an optional unpaid remote internship, quarterly check-ins with a career advisor, placing student's CV in talent pools, providing access to the IU Job-Board, offering a mock-up interview, and offering a 1:1 career consultation. 

Kickstart your Tech career in Germany with IU. Speak with our Study Advisors today. 

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Personal counselling
Have any questions?

Visit our FAQ page or get in touch with our Study Advisors.

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