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No matter where you are, the IU alumni network helps you stay connected to your alma mater by connecting you with other graduates and providing you with the latest IU news. There is something for everyone at IU Alumni. We have you covered whether you're a current or former student or considering studying at IU.

Total number of alumni

Since 2008, our alumni network has grown to include around 20,000 graduates from all study models.

Total number of alumni between 2021 to 2022

5,888 students graduated from the university between 2021 and 2022.

Where our alumni are coming from?

We have alumni from 140 different countries, including Australia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Chile, Malaysia, Germany, Gambia, Ghana, Singapore, Madagascar, Mauritius, Japan, and Morocco.

Salary increases after graduation

56% of college graduates report an increase in their gross monthly income, and 48% report a change in their professional status. 37% experienced job title change and 44% have taken on increased main tasks, proving to be valuable for their company. 

Satisfaction between graduates

80.6% of graduates at IU with distance learning are satisfied with their studies.  

It pays to pass the word on

Do you have fond memories of your studies and would like to share them with friends and family? Then tell them about us and receive a reward for each successful recommendation! 

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The IU Community

Come join our robust community of over 14,000 alumni from across industries, and countries. A strong alumni network depends on its members staying in touch over time. That's why our motto is: Get in contact, remain connected, and create traditions! And when numerous talents come together, something amazing can happen — the network of opportunities and possibilities! Stay involved with IU in all you do, whether it's expanding your professional network, helping other students, pursuing lifelong learning, or keeping up with the most recent IU news. 

Alumni council

IU graduates and students alike can benefit from a constantly growing alumni community, which is 14,000 strong and constantly growing, to make new connections or renew old ones. You've got your own support system, contacts, and potential future career opportunities!

Since July 2019, the Alumni Council has worked to strengthen communication between alumni and students. It currently consists of 10 alumni and student-elected representatives for a two-year term across different study models such as distance learning, on-campus, and dual studies. Every year in the summer, we make new appointments to our Alumni Council, which has a maximum of four members per study model, with the intention of fostering even more networking within the IU Alumni Network.

The following are some of the prerequisites for becoming an Alumni Council representative:

  • At least 3 years of professional experience
  • Good networking within the alumni community
  • Interest in strengthening links with IU International University of Applied Sciences
  • Ideas and motivation to strengthen the alumni community
  • Experience in the management of various stakeholders, i.e. alumni, students, faculty members, management of IU International University of Applied Science
  •  Entrepreneurial thinking
  •  Especially interested in alumni that have international experience and intercultural competencies.

Current Alumni Council members

  • Colin Samarasinha, Campus Studies, hospitality management, managing director millennium hospitality international GmbH
  • Janet Blasius, Campus Studies, Director Talent programs and brand training, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Mariott International EMEA Continent Office 
  • Joseph Inbaraj, Campus Studies, M.A. International Management – Human Resources, Team Lead-HR & Talent Acquisition, BeamNG GmbH
  • Mary Ann Varughese, B.A. Tourismuswirtschaft, Research Analyst, Amrop Woodburn Mann
  • Micheal Jäger, Campus Studies, Hotel Management, Founder, Cremanski & Company
  • Nils Frans, Dual Studies, Business Administration – Logistic Management, Consultant, agiplan GmbH Germany
  • Nina Schwarting, Distance Learning, MBA, Senior Manager Digital Learning, Otto Group
  • Roman Pastoors, Dual Studies, Business Administration – Real Estate Management
  • Tim Nöhring, Dual Studies, Business Administration, Taxation and Auditing, Tax Specialist, ECOVIS Düsseldorf 

Our values

A network can only exist by being nurtured. Our five core values are


The basis of our alumni community's self-image is our tolerance and respect for one another. Through openness, we want to foster a multiplicity of interest groups at IU International University.


We succeed in building an alumni network that offers a plethora of options for personal and professional growth and development

Fun and sociability

The focus is on: fun networking! Starting joint activities in an informal way and with joy and humour is the easiest way to get into conversation with each other and to exchange ideas.  


Our goal is to offer further education and exchange for current and former IU University students. We encourage professional exchange through the communication channels of individual members from various professions (e.g., Expert: innentalks with personalities from business, science, and culture).

A sense of community and belonging

An alumni community thrives on its members keeping in touch over the long term. It is the diversity of viewpoints, backgrounds (both personal and cultural), disciplines, and professional pathways that are important.

Social Network

Get connected - Expand your social network

You can also use our social media channels like Xing, LinkedIn, and Facebook to expand your study network across borders. Through our platform, you can learn about networking opportunities, alumni chapters, local meetups, and the latest IU news.

Alumni Newsletter

Find out what's new - Stay informed

Keep up with all things IU – Find out about upcoming alumni events and hear from alumni around the world. Join our alumni community newsletter* today. Simply shoot us an email at and get more connected with IU!

*Our newsletter is published quarterly.

IU Alumni Award

Inspire your future generation - Encourage younger generations and be rewarded for your work

With IU, you're making the right decision for the future. We care about our alumni very much and give out lifetime awards for their dedication to their alma mater. Read about some of our previous winners below:

Vivien Son | CEO - Alumni Award in the Professional Success Category

“I find the distance learning course to be 100 percent flexible and tailored precisely to my life model. IU has also grown and evolved. Of course, there is still room for improvement, but when it came down to it, I could count on IU.”

iubh campus student smiles at camera

Anita Wandinger | CEO - Alumni Award in the Entrepreneurship Category

Rita Schmidt | Head of Quality & Management Systems - Professional Success Award for an Exceptional Career

“Especially as a young single mother, it was not possible for me to choose the first educational path. However, I'm a fighter and I wanted to show myself personally that I too can have a career and a bachelor's degree. After intensive research I came across the IU. The distance learning concept at IU was made for me: learning when, where and how I wanted. No fixed times, the exams are flexible and there are locations everywhere for taking the exams.”

Alexander Wessels & Stefan Renziehausen | co-founder - Entrepreneurial Award for Innovative Business Models

Nina Schwarting | Senior Manager Digital Learning - Digital Education Development Award for the Further Development of the Digitisation of Education

“Thanks to the IU international university, I was able to combine study and work and, in most cases, always apply what I had learned directly. The practical relevance, especially because of the casework, was particularly exciting for me. I also really enjoyed working in peer groups, because I was able to meet great people from completely different professional fields and got to know new approaches through working together.”

Sharing is Caring

Learn what your fellow alumni have to say

Ebenezer Osei Asibey Antwi

"IU is the right choice for me because of the smooth and fast online application process, industry- relevant courses, affordable tuition fees and a very flexible payment method. By organising my study modules, I am able to know what to learn, when, and on what days. You have the flexibility to study at your own pace and the courses offered with my degree are relevant to the career I want to pursue."

Janet Blasius

"I wanted to get personally involved again, to help create an interface between alumni, students, companies, and the university."

Lukas Fassbender

"The intercultural training at IU gives me a definite advantage in my international work environment. The English language commitment of IU was an ideal preparation."

Sandip Vinodray Modha

"You can participate in IU events and establish an excellent network. My career proves it: networking is the key to success!"

Zena Massaad

"In both my passion and my career, the skills and competencies I learned at IU have made a big difference."

Mai Duc Nguyen

"Safe to say, my studies at IU were a major factor in me securing my current role at Facebook. The talks and career events organised by IU provided me with many opportunities to network with industry leaders."
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Personal counselling
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