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With more than 100,000 students, we are the fastest growing university in Europe and the largest state-recognised university in Germany.

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What we do

We have developed the largest integrated global degree and non degree portfolio that promotes future skills in a stackable fashion.

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Our partners

From academic institutions, reknown companies, distribution partners to goverments, we’ve helped many partners across the world reach their goals.

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We help you kick-start and expand your field of study areas and training programmes through our ready-to-run degree and online certificate courses.

Who we can support

Education organisations
  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Learning Platforms
  • etc.
Profit-oriented organisations
  • Corporates
  • Distribution Partners
  • EdTech-Player
Non-profit organisations
  • Goverments
  • NGO`s
  • Charity Organisations
  • etc.

Our offer - stackable education

We offer wide range of study programmes in the following areas:

  • Data & IT
  • Business & Management
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Hospitality & Aviation
  • Health & Social Care

Our online certificates (Nano Degrees and Diplomas) are built to "stack" ECTS credits toward a degree, with a focus on high-demand professional skills such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, data science, and management courses.

Online degrees

We provide more than 200 accredited and fully online Bachelor, Master and MBA degree programmes. Our digital, user-friendly learning materials and online support services give students the experience they need with an added flexibility to adjust the study duration according to their private and business schedules.

Online certificates

In 6 months per course, our participants acquire high-demand job skills. Our short courses are functionally set up to "stack" to a degree and can also be accredited and integrated with courses from other partner universities and institutions. The flexible course structure offers our participants the possibility to gain high demanded future skills besides their job.

Does our course portafolio not match your needs?

No problem! Since all our courses are online, they can be customized. 

We tailor our courses to your requirements, so they deliver the most value to your students.

Affordable education at high quality

  • #1 in all important customer platforms of German universities ​
  • >90% Recommendation rate among our students & partners ​
  • Flexible approach with quick setup without burdening initial costs​
  • Platform aligned to scalability in order to offer affordable prices ​
  • No limitation of classroom, borders or campus facilities

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