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Our strategic partnerships

As IU University of Applied Sciences, Germany's largest private university, provides a wide range of online, hybrid, and on-campus programmes to over 130,000 students around the world. Offering over 250 accredited Bachelor's and Master's programmes in both German and English, our platform is the largest of its kind in Europe. We collaborate with global education, profit, and non-profit organisations worldwide to realise our vision: EVERYBODY CAN ACCESS EDUCATION TO GROW. 

Our study models

Student taking her online clases at home


Study at your own pace, anytime, anywhere, and in your preferred style.  

Our online campus and IU Learn app offer a range of innovative digital features, ensuring flexibility whether you're studying solo or with others, using scripts or digital formats, day or night - your learning journey is in your hands.  

To learn more about our online studies, follow this link

A group of three students enjoying the on campus experience


Explore a vibrant learning environment by combining on-campus classes with online learning.  

Collaborate with professors and peers to exchange ideas, and further enrich your knowledge through our digital platform. This unique blend seamlessly combines the essence of traditional student life with the flexibility of online studies, providing you with a well-rounded educational experience.  

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Our hybrid study model offers students the flexibility to commence their studies from anywhere globally and easily transition to on-campus learning.  

This adaptable approach accommodates diverse preferences and circumstances, empowering students to tailor their education to their individual needs. 

To learn more about our hybrid studies, get in touch with our team. 

Our partners

Goverment of Guyana

The Government of Guyana, through the Guyana Online Academy of Learning (GOAL), is committed to investing in the advancement of its human resources. As Guyana forges ahead in the oil and gas industry, now more than ever, we need to inculcate in our labour force - the critical skillsets to develop the nation.

Partnering with IU is a significant step in this investment journey. With the range of technological, engineering, and other economy driven programs offered by IU, many Guyanese and ultimately the nation will benefit significantly from quality education which will provide our students with the best possible start to their careers. 

Dr. Jacob Opadeyi, GOAL's Director


upGrad believes global education can fuel economic vitality while addressing real-world challenges by providing practical solutions. This can happen only when we consider pivoting towards innovations in learning.

Our collaboration with IU is a step towards the same. Through a range of advanced courses offered by IU, we are confident that the Indian students, equipped with enhanced employability skills, can genuinely be a part of Industry 4.0.

Ronnie Screwvala, Chairperson & Co-Founder upGrad

Deutsche Bahn (DB)

At DB, we believe in an inclusive learning ecosystem and want to address an important target group in the DB Group with the Bachelor's programme - motivated professionals who want to develop themselves further. The combination of theory and practice, coupled with self-directed learning, is a crucial factor for success. We are pleased to be able to offer this innovative programme together with the IU. 

Melanie Krüger, Head of Strategic Human Resources Development and Junior Staff Principles (HDN) at DB


Education is anchored in our corporate philosophy and is part of attracting and promoting employees. That is why theory and practice must go hand in hand.

With the Master's programme, we guarantee state-of-the-art education coupled with the excellence of the IU International University.

Florian Michel, Director COO Office Central Europe of Salesforce

Your partner benefits

Partner with us for access to diverse courses and degree programmes, hybrid learning options, career services, and marketing support.

Currently, we can support:

Education organisations
  • Universities, colleges, learning platforms, etc. 
Profit-oriented organisations
  • Agents, corporates, distribution partners, EdTech firms 
Non-profit organisations
  • Governments, NGO`s, charity organisations, etc. 

Our study portfolio

We offer a wide range of study programmes in the following areas:

Science programs such as Engineering & Technology (Software Engineering) or Data & IT (Computer Science), business programs such as Business & Management (Entrepreneurship) or Marketing & Communications (International Management) as well as programmes in Hospitality & Aviation (Hospitality Management) and Health & Social Care (International Health Care Management)

Our current partners

  • upGrad is South Asia´s largest online higher edtech company offering 100+ courses in collaboration with top-notch global universities like Duke Corporate Education (US), Michigan State University (US), IIM Kozhikode (India), and others. Founded in 2015, the international edtech leader has impacted over1 million total registered learners from over 50+ countries across the world.

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  • Konnexion360 is a 360 degree learning provider. We offer a vary of study field aligning with newest technology and innovation of learning module. AI technology is integrated to the learning platform. The performance of learing path will be tracked by AI along with the expertise of each field. We also integrate medical procedure to your learning path to enhance the power of your brain function; we will unlock the brain and gain the power. 

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  • "Management Development Institute (MDi) is proud to partner with IU to make high-quality German degrees available and affordable for students and professionals across Pakistan regardless of their location or income. MDi Business School has a long track record of offering international Bachelors and Masters degrees in collaboration with world-class universities to students in Pakistan since 2004. Our business school graduates work in some of the best-known organizations in the corporate, development and public sectors in Pakistan as well as internationally in the Middle East, Europe, UK, USA, Canada and Australia. MDi also maintains strong links with industry and offers a variety of executive and organizational development services via its Training and Consulting division to organizations across Pakistan and the region."

    Asad Zaidi, Chief Executive Officer

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  • Intellipaat is the leading ed-tech company offering 150+ Courses in collaboration with top global universities like IIT Madras, IIT Roorkee, IIT Guwahati, University of Essex, University of Liverpool, Belhaven University, MNIT Jaipur, and others. It has more than 1.2 million learners from 155+ countries and multiple fortune 500 companies as clientele like Nasdaq, Société Générale, etc.

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  • Simplilearn is the world’s #1 online bootcamp and one of the world’s leading certification training providers. We partner with companies and individuals to address their unique needs, providing training and coaching that helps working professionals achieve their career goals. Based in San Francisco, California, and Bangalore, India, we have helped over two million professionals, and companies across 150+ countries get trained, acquire certifications, and upskill their employees.

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  • PS BUSINESS SCHOOL as a higher education service provider in Myanmar, is providing global education with the mission to promote quality education by developing competitive and competent future leaders by means of caring youths, promoting entrepreneurship and creating development opportunities for our nationalities and community ethically and socially responsible manner.

    The motto of PS BUSINESS SCHOOL is “Education: Globally Recognized Youth”.

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  • Smart College is established as a leading institution of learning licensed by the Government of the United Kingdom. Smart College is working in the Mena Region starting in 2020. They focused on serving the requirements of the school leaving understudies and working experts the same; those searching for a perceived quality capability presented at helpful timings and exceptionally reasonable charges. The center will be to get elite encounters into the homeroom and join global travel and consultancy into the contributions to widen the understudy’s points of view and application.

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  • "We are thrilled to announce our partnership with IU in Germany, which will allow us to expand our offerings and provide even more opportunities for our students to achieve their dreams. At Metropolitan School of Business and Management (MSBM), we are dedicated to transforming lives through quality, premium, and affordable international education. Our blended learning model combines online self-study and virtual classrooms, and our faculty consists of experts from around the world. Our focus is on making learning simple, fun, and accessible, and we are committed to helping our students achieve their full potential. With this partnership, we are taking another step towards realizing our mission of impacting two million learners annually."

    Victor Ariyibi-Oke, CEO MSBM

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  • SwedTEFL & EgyTEFL aim at achieving sustainable development of human resources through Education. They are focusing on the following overarching objectives: Education, Human Services and Science and Technology. We are member of the AHK TVET Committee Panel in the German Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Partner of the Egyptian State Alumni Community at the Cultural Section of the US Embassy in Cairo, Cooperative partner with the international division unit for International Education at the Egyptian Ministry of Education and an Education Agency with Certified Education Counselors.
    Partnership with IU University of Applied Sciences will surely open more doors for their students to gain more opportunities of joining top high quality Global Education.

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  • WELLINGTON CAMPUS, UAE is a Prestigious institution for master's bachelor's, and other training programs, where the home ground rest at the heart of Dubai. Helping professionals gain skills and training, be a better workforce for tomorrow. Molding better leaders who will create a safe space impacting the success and failure at the workplace. Partnering with various better ranked universities to provide the best in the up-and-coming eduspace.

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  • Deutschlandtime Academy is the primary institution of choice for Turkish students seeking education in Germany, offering language instruction, application support, and visa processing. With representatives spanning several German states, Deutschlandtime Academy achieves yet another milestone by proudly becoming the inaugural representative of IU International University of Applied Sciences in Turkey.

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  • OnePoint Education, an innovative online learning platform, is dedicated to delivering accessible, high-quality education, empowering learners to attain valuable skills alongside globally recognized qualifications. They are thrilled to partner with IU, presenting a range of top-tier academic programs. This partnership emphasizes our shared commitment to accessible, high-quality education worldwide, with a special focus on the Western Balkans region. They aim to extend the benefits of quality education, making a positive impact on learners in this vibrant and diverse community.

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  • Oscar Education, based in London, assists individuals and groups worldwide seeking educational and cultural experiences around the globe. They connect students with top educational programs and provide free consultancy services throughout the journey, fostering success and satisfaction. Collaborating with renowned institutions, Oscar Education offers easy access to tailored opportunities, making it a preferred choice for students and parents alike. The partnership with IU offers students an unparalleled opportunity to access world-class education through IU's prestigious programs. With our expert guidance and IU's academic prowess, students can achieve their educational and career aspirations with confidence. Together, we strive to provide a pathway to success for students seeking exceptional educational experiences.

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  • MSM Unify is a student marketplace that connects students with educational institutions and recruitment partners worldwide. They unify and allow everyone in the industry to work collaboratively to reach the world’s curious learners and provide them with a host of options when it comes to their education. 

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  • Bougainville Polytechnic College (BPC) is a newly established institution committed to being a dynamic knowledge provider. It prides itself on delivering high-quality and transformative knowledge to contribute to the development of Bougainville and Papua New Guinea. Through strategic collaborations with nationally accredited and globally recognized university partners like IU International University of Applied Sciences, BPC is poised to realize its vision.

  • More than just an institution; STU Academy aims to be the catalyst for lifelong learners and innovator. Blending the finest educational resources with cutting-edge delivery models from around the world, forging a vast network of over 110 universities, industry leaders, and businesses globally. Through collaborative and impactful partnerships, STU Academy stands at the forefront of cultivating an empowered, next-generation workforce.

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  • Salesforce and IU joined forces to train students in handling the Salesforce Cloud for their professional entry into the workforce. Therefore, Salesforce modules were integrated into various Bachelor and Master programmes.

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  • The Government of Guyana, through the Guyana Online Academy of Learning (GOAL), is committed to investing in the advancement of its human resources; and as Guyana forges ahead in the oil and gas industry, now more than ever, we need to inculcate in our labour force - the critical skillsets to develop the nation. Partnering with IU is a significant step in this investment journey. With the range of technological, engineering and other economy driven programmes offered by IU, many Guyanese and ultimately the nation, will benefit greatly from quality education which will provide our students with the best possible start to their careers.

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  • Successful innovation and growth require commitment, consistency, and collaboration. The collaboration between International University of Applied Science (IU) and International Energy Training Centre (IETC) will help to build the bedrock of quality education for Africans at an affordable price. The partnership is created to extend quality education at affordable price to all. IETC is known for its innovative leadership and commitment with the Slogan “Educating Human for Greatness”. IU degrees are hyper-focused, flexible and innovative – Learn with us and be ahead of OTHERS. 

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  • At Jamur Institute, we're your compass for growth, and our collaboration with IU International University of Applied Sciences adds a dynamic global dimension to your journey. Founded in 2017, our mission is to empower you through education and guidance. 'Jamur' means 'mushroom' in Bahasa-Indonesia, symbolizing our role as a trusted guide on your educational journey to success. Together with IU, we're expanding horizons and fostering international connections, propelling you towards a brighter, more globally connected future.

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  • At Unify Apply, we are dedicated to connecting international students with the ideal academic programs tailored to their unique aspirations and needs. From the initial search to the first day of classes, we provide comprehensive, end-to-end support. Our 360-degree service ensures that prospective students receive personalized guidance and assistance at every step, helping them realize their dreams of studying abroad. At Unify Apply, we make the journey to global education seamless and fulfilling.

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  • Since the launch in 2000 in Sydney of Australia, StudentWorld has transformed into a global education company with offices in more than a dozen countries. Our strong commitment is to excel as the best in the business, providing exceptional opportunities for students to study abroad. The belief at StudentWorld is that fostering the opportunity for quality education worldwide empowers individuals. This empowerment promotes the development of caring, competent, and responsible citizens, fostering a global atmosphere of tolerance and harmony, especially through the avenue of study abroad.

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  • iEDU is a licensed South African and African partner of the International University of Applied Sciences (IU). With iEDU, you can offer your employees a flexible, convenient, and cost-effective way to upskill with nano degrees, certificates, diplomas, degrees, MBAs, and master's degrees. The programs are taught in English by world-class professors who bring real-world experience to the classroom, ensuring that your employees receive the best possible education.

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  • Edulink Career Consultancy is specialized in assisting people choose a career and achieve their vocational goals. They match individual`s abilities and goals with opportunities to study or work in a certain field. Furthermore, they offer career and personality tests, assistance in course selection, international exam preparation (SAT, ACT, IELTS, TOELF, IMET), assistance in University admission and scholarships abroad as well as internships and job seeking.

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Our scalable education platform

The IU Group, which includes IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU), is Germany's largest private university group, serving over 130,000 students worldwide and operating across 35 cities in Germany, with a workforce of 4,000 from 87 nationalities.  

Offering a diverse range of online, part-time, and on-campus programmes, IU is committed to revolutionising education.  

As an IU partner, you’ll gain access not just to one but three universities, including recent acquisitions: the London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF) and the University of Fredericton (UFred).


If you are interested in a partnership with us, please contact: or discover more information here

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