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With more than 100,000 students, we are the fastest growing university in Europe and the largest state-recognised university in Germany.

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We have developed the largest integrated global degree and non degree portfolio that promotes future skills in a stackable fashion.

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From academic institutions, reknown companies, distribution partners to goverments, we’ve helped many partners across the world reach their goals.

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Goverment of Guyana

The Government of Guyana, through the Guyana Online Academy of Learning (GOAL), is committed to investing in the advancement of its human resources. As Guyana forges ahead in the oil and gas industry, now more than ever, we need to inculcate in our labour force - the critical skillsets to develop the nation.

Partnering with IU is a significant step in this investment journey. With the range of technological, engineering, and other economy driven programs offered by IU, many Guyanese and ultimately the nation will benefit significantly from quality education which will provide our students with the best possible start to their careers. 

Dr. Jacob Opadeyi, GOAL's Director


upGrad believes global education can fuel economic vitality while addressing real-world challenges by providing practical solutions. This can happen only when we consider pivoting towards innovations in learning.

Our collaboration with IU is a step towards the same. Through a range of advanced courses offered by IU, we are confident that the Indian students, equipped with enhanced employability skills, can genuinely be a part of Industry 4.0.

Ronnie Screwvala, Chairperson & Co-Founder upGrad

Deutsche Bahn (DB)

At DB, we believe in an inclusive learning ecosystem and want to address an important target group in the DB Group with the Bachelor's programme - motivated professionals who want to develop themselves further. The combination of theory and practice, coupled with self-directed learning, is a crucial factor for success. We are pleased to be able to offer this innovative programme together with the IU. 

Melanie Krüger, Head of Strategic Human Resources Development and Junior Staff Principles (HDN) at DB


Education is anchored in our corporate philosophy and is part of attracting and promoting employees. That is why theory and practice must go hand in hand.

With the Master's programme, we guarantee state-of-the-art education coupled with the excellence of the IU International University.

Florian Michel, Director COO Office Central Europe of Salesforce

Education partners

  • Gururo is the growing industry leader in practical courses across various streams, helping people acquire the skills they need to thrive in leadership positions. They partner with universities, organisations, and individuals to address their unique needs, providing training and coaching that helps working professionals achieve their career goals.

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  • upGrad is South Asia´s largest online higher edtech company offering 100+ courses in collaboration with top-notch global universities like Duke Corporate Education (US), Michigan State University (US), IIM Kozhikode (India), and others. Founded in 2015, the international edtech leader has impacted over1 million total registered learners from over 50+ countries across the world.

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  • It is true pleasure for me to welcome the professional alliance between Golden Gate College and IU Applied Science in promoting our mutual interest in education and business. We all now witness the rapid changes in technology and business management during these unprecedented time. The coming years will be more challenging. The development of Communication technologies, education, and logistics will grow faster than we might think. In the light of the current development, It becomes more essential to embrace more efficient approach to science, Business and education.

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  • Acelot Academy is an Institute dedicated to offer AI Powered Career Solutions from Youth till Retirement. Solutions are custom designed for Individuals and corporates as per their scientifically derived needs and evaluated by experts. Making available high quality, international standard, practical oriented education to students is the key need to help students attain their dreams. The courses from IU in Data Science and IT, Business Management and Engineering & Technology, Marketing for both under grad and post grad students is a strong step in this direction.

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  • Konnexion360 is a 360 degree learning provider. We offer a vary of study field aligning with newest technology and innovation of learning module. AI technology is integrated to the learning platform. The performance of learing path will be tracked by AI along with the expertise of each field. We also integrate medical procedure to your learning path to enhance the power of your brain function; we will unlock the brain and gain the power. 

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  • AbroadAssist is an application platform for students around the world to apply for study programs abroad and migration support services such visa application, accommodation arrangement, bank and insurance application and other student related services. Students can apply to over 1000 study programs abroad including language program, preparation course, short courses, semester exchange and degree programs at leading institutions on the portal. Besides simplifying international student's application process, AbroadAssist also assist and provides its students scholarships and financial aids for studying abroad. 

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  • Newton School is an online Computer Science education platform that aims to train aspiring software developers and give them the right push to help them get placed in the top-notch companies with great packages. We are set on enriching diverse minds with the best quality knowledge and skills, irrespective of their social, financial and educational demographics.

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  • "Management Development Institute (MDi) is proud to partner with IU to make high-quality German degrees available and affordable for students and professionals across Pakistan regardless of their location or income. MDi Business School has a long track record of offering international Bachelors and Masters degrees in collaboration with world-class universities to students in Pakistan since 2004. Our business school graduates work in some of the best-known organizations in the corporate, development and public sectors in Pakistan as well as internationally in the Middle East, Europe, UK, USA, Canada and Australia. MDi also maintains strong links with industry and offers a variety of executive and organizational development services via its Training and Consulting division to organizations across Pakistan and the region."

    Asad Zaidi, Chief Executive Officer

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  • Daya Budi Sejahtera Sdn. Bhd (DBS) has a well-established and extensive educational, business and community network in the Asia Pacific Region. DBS endeavours to provide world class skills competency frameworks, edutech, industry skill-based and employability programs for individuals, tertiary institutions, peak professional bodies, industries, and government agencies. DBS programs support, upskill, cross skill, re-skill and inspire people across Asia to achieve human capital development whilst tackling national skills shortages and improving economies and societies.

  • Intellipaat is the leading ed-tech company offering 150+ Courses in collaboration with top global universities like IIT Madras, IIT Roorkee, IIT Guwahati, University of Essex, University of Liverpool, Belhaven University, MNIT Jaipur, and others. It has more than 1.2 million learners from 155+ countries and multiple fortune 500 companies as clientele like Nasdaq, Société Générale, etc.

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  • Maverick Business Academy London (MBA London), a multiple award-winning entity headquartered in Ruislip London UK is the official educational enterprise of HALI Management UAE whose presence dates to 2012 offering innovative, economical, and out of the box educational and training solutions to students, working professionals and entrepreneurs across GCC, MENA, India & other Southeast Asian regions till date. 

    MBA London a revered & reliable brand in the Transnational Education Sector specializes in developing and delivering world class accredited Diplomas, Bachelors, Masters, PhD’s, DBA’s & European Professional Doctorate (EPD-EU) in cooperation with our Top Ranked Partner Universities in UK, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India and other EU Nations to students & clients over 20+ countries at fraction of a cost.

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  • Caplora International College is part of Caplora Education Group, Caplora owns Online k-12 school in East Africa. Our partnership with IU offers our students the opportunity to earn international degrees and flexibility in their studies. As a college, we are focused on ensuring our students are given relevant workforce skills and they can participate in the global economy.

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  • Wolo is a fully Ghanaian owned business with an e-learning platform, designed to deliver affordable education and training with the use of digital tools. We are elated to partner IU to offer access to affordable and quality education to our people. This will expand the frontiers of education and provide them with a new learning experience.
    This partnership provides a framework for, our youth in particular, to engage with the world around them and broaden their knowledge, as well as shape their character and attitude towards innovation and wealth creation based on a value system and entrepreneurial culture.

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  • GoMyCode leverages technology to empower a new generation of people and businesses to thrive in the digital age. GoMyCode was established in 2017 on account of their enthusiasm for the digital world and empowering people, closing the gap between what standard education offers and what the job market demands.
    GoMyCode enables their students through a dynamic and "disruptive" environment for them to build and develop their skills. And they provide the opportunity to learn in exciting fields that are captivating new talents across Africa.

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  • Simplilearn is the world’s #1 online bootcamp and one of the world’s leading certification training providers. We partner with companies and individuals to address their unique needs, providing training and coaching that helps working professionals achieve their career goals. Based in San Francisco, California, and Bangalore, India, we have helped over two million professionals, and companies across 150+ countries get trained, acquire certifications, and upskill their employees.

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  • Back to 2017 when Pelita started laying the foundations for the establishment of their foundation located in Bandung and focused on the vocational education and training sector, starting with conducting training and certification in the welding and fabrication fields, over time they expanded to carry out training in the following areas: entrepreneurship, Training of Trainers, Development of multimedia-based learning materials, etc. Currently they are also actively conducting entrepreneurship training for young Indonesians to help them become successful entrepreneurs in the future.

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  • Established in 2015, Alumnize is a global educational Institution founded in Vienna with accredited offices in Tunisia, Algeria, Ivory Coast and Cameroon. Alumnize is dedicated to design and implement international education strategies and program services. They assure the management of universities, qualification centers and educational institutions to help them upgrade their services and prepare international students and professionals for the global workforce.

    Since 2015, Alumnize has delivered flexible, innovative education programmes to our partners and learners and supported them in achieving their ambitions. They provide a friendly, supportive learning community and offer their students the best opportunities locally and internationally.

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  • HIGHER Education is a professional education consultant for study abroad that located in Jakarta, Indonesia. They have proven the track record for almost 20 years experiences in the International Education industry starting with the study in Holland and they are expanding their coverage to other countries ; Germany, other European countries, Australia, etc. Their commitment is to put the highest priority on giving services and guidance to clients. By supporting the Indonesian talented and potential candidates to have access and opportunity to the International high quality education to reach their dream is always giving them a great satisfaction. 

  • "Wherever you are, we offer you the opportunity to benefit from high-quality flexible education and a globally recognized degree for an international career"

    Dr.Neil JOMAA, 5E Founder

  • PS BUSINESS SCHOOL as a higher education service provider in Myanmar, is providing global education with the mission to promote quality education by developing competitive and competent future leaders by means of caring youths, promoting entrepreneurship and creating development opportunities for our nationalities and community ethically and socially responsible manner.

    The motto of PS BUSINESS SCHOOL is “Education: Globally Recognized Youth”.

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  • Smart College is established as a leading institution of learning licensed by the Government of the United Kingdom. Smart College is working in the Mena Region starting in 2020. They focused on serving the requirements of the school leaving understudies and working experts the same; those searching for a perceived quality capability presented at helpful timings and exceptionally reasonable charges. The center will be to get elite encounters into the homeroom and join global travel and consultancy into the contributions to widen the understudy’s points of view and application.

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  • "The Higher Institute for Professional Development and Training (HIPDET) is a modern progressive tertiary training institution dedicated to developing professional capacities into young people and assisting them into meaningful careers. The institution was granted accreditation in 2015 as a Vocational training institution by the Ministry of Employment and Vocational training and in 2016 following our contribution in the vocational sector in the country, the institution was accredited as a non-profit private Higher Education Institution (PHEI) by the Ministry of Higher Education."

    Atangche Jean Vingalla, President and Lead Promoter, HIPDET

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  • At Fergus McCormick Corporate Learning they recognize that training and development is a catalyst in engaging lifelong learning, professional growth and organizational effectiveness. They aspire to be the learning and skills development provider of choice. Central to their learning and development, they believe people learn best by doing. In this regard, they provide power learning experiences that have a meaningful and long term impact on people and their careers, inspiring new ways of thinking, building critical capabilities and unleashing business success. The partnership with IU International University of Applied Sciences opens access to world class, affordable, high quality education to their corporate clients and students.

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  • Woosong University in South Korea, belongs to the Woosong Educational Foundation which established Woosong University under the motto “Paving the Way to a Stronger and Brighter Future”. This is our university’s main goal: to provide students with a gateway to knowledge and therefore educational opportunities, and a chance to prosper, for now and all future students. Woosong University also embraces innovation and believes in a global vision for the 21st century. We are excited about moving forward, especially with a new relationship with IU Internationale Hochschule GmbH.

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  • IEG Campus pioneered an innovative university partnership model of educational services based in Kuala Lumpur. Its entities have delivered education programs across Asia and Africa since 1998. IEG Campus is a leading global education service provider that drives success for our students and partners. They create life-changing opportunities for students by delivering an extensive range of educational services with their global network partners.

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  • GradXs Global Education® is an educational support service organisation and a platform for facilitating bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs from recognised universities. It is a unit of Centre for Management Consultancy & Education (P) Ltd., an ISO 9001:2015 certified Indian company incorporated in the year 2003. GradXs has a partnership agreement with recognised and accredited universities for facilitating & providing a platform for their degree programs fully online for students from India and abroad.

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  • Eduwell Consultancy, a private company registered in Malaysia, is an associate of CityPro Educare, an established private college approved by the Ministry of Education (REGISTRATION NO DK001 (J)) since 1998 and accredited by the Malaysian Qualifying Agency (ACCREDITATION No 12485 – 12487).   

    Eduwell Consultancy manages all the university’s bachelor’s degrees in Business, Management, Administration, the general MBA, and MBA in Accounting and Finance. 

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  • CaribAbroadAcademy is excited to partner with the IU International University for Applied Sciences to provide the much-needed access to affordable tertiary education and skills training for all interested Caribbean persons. We believe that the Caribbean is full of creative people who just need that opportunity to excel!

  • "Year 2023 commenced with the partnership which all of us at AIBT campus was waiting for and I am so delighted to announce the AIBT campus partnership with 5 star rated, IU International University of Applied Sciences which is a world class top of the range European university based in Germany to offer range of demand driven internationally recognized and most updated Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees with a dual degree option with London South Bank University UK. On behalf of AIBT I must thank the IU  for the trust and confidence they kept on AIBT Campus and also , I take the opportunity to give my sincere gratitude to the Management and  Staff of AIBT, Our partners ,Lecturers and , and people who always give their hands and are being with us in numerous ways to the development of AIBT campus."

    ENG. DR. Mohan Pathirana, Chairman/ Managing Director AIBT Campus

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  • "We are thrilled to announce our partnership with IU in Germany, which will allow us to expand our offerings and provide even more opportunities for our students to achieve their dreams. At Metropolitan School of Business and Management (MSBM), we are dedicated to transforming lives through quality, premium, and affordable international education. Our blended learning model combines online self-study and virtual classrooms, and our faculty consists of experts from around the world. Our focus is on making learning simple, fun, and accessible, and we are committed to helping our students achieve their full potential. With this partnership, we are taking another step towards realizing our mission of impacting two million learners annually."

    Victor Ariyibi-Oke, CEO MSBM

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  • "Lextorah is one of Nigeria’s largest and most diverse education providers. Throughout our more than 10+ year history, Lextorah has been at the fore front of revolutionizing the education sector. With the latest learning technologies, industry partners and world-class faculty, we have been able to create an immersive online learning experiences for our learners globally.

    Our partnership with IU therefore, will not only expose more Nigerian students to unlimited access to online degrees but also afford them tremendous opportunities to compete globally career wise.  "

    Bola Mercy Taylor, Founder & CEO 

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  • HighLife Ventures Group Ltd. is a rising-star company in the business and educational solutions sector, providing innovative solutions to businesses and educational institutions globally. The company specializes in providing cutting-edge software and educational technology tools that help companies and institutions optimize their operations, improve their bottom line and enhance the learning experience for students.
    The partnership between HighLife Ventures Group Ltd. and IU has the potential to drive innovation, growth and positive impact in the business and education sectors.

  • ITAB Academy is a multinational training center present in various contries such as France and Morocco. It offers a wide range of professional development programs and courses. ITAB academy focus on providing high quality education and training to individuals and organizations, it is committed to help its students acquire the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their profdessional careers.

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  • "Prime Education is the leading academic agency in Mozambique & Angola, with the main goal of contributing to the development of education in Africa by opening doors for all students to have access to high quality education worldwide. The strategic collaboration with IU will give our students new opportunities, which is a huge step towards our main goal! "
    Tiago Fraquelli, Co-Owner & Managing Director of Prime Education 

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  • The American European Academy is an online Academy where students from anywhere in the world can experience the Higher education system at the lowest cost, and the highest level of education. It is our pleasure and honor to be partnered with IU.

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Commercial partners

Salesforce and IU joined forces to train students in handling the Salesforce Cloud for their professional entry into the workforce. Therefore, Salesforce modules were integrated into various Bachelor and Master programmes.

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IU wants to give interested parties the opportunity to receive academic credit after having completed selected Learning Paths on LinkedIn Learning. Those credits can be credited towards a full degree later on and thus shorten the study program.

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Non-Profit organisation partners

Guyana Online Academy of Learning (GOAL)

The Government of Guyana, through the Guyana Online Academy of Learning (GOAL), is committed to investing in the advancement of its human resources; and as Guyana forges ahead in the oil and gas industry, now more than ever, we need to inculcate in our labour force - the critical skillsets to develop the nation. Partnering with IU is a significant step in this investment journey. With the range of technological, engineering and other economy driven programmes offered by IU, many Guyanese and ultimately the nation, will benefit greatly from quality education which will provide our students with the best possible start to their careers.

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Artsy Africa Academy

Artsy Africa Academy is joining forces with IU to make affordable education available to everyone. Through the partnership between Artsy Africa Academy and IU, it will be possible for people across Africa, regardless of location and income, to gain an internationally recognized and high-quality degree.

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International Energy Training Centre (IETC)

Successful innovation and growth require commitment, consistency, and collaboration. The collaboration between International University of Applied Science (IU) and International Energy Training Centre (IETC) will help to build the bedrock of quality education for Africans at an affordable price. The partnership is created to extend quality education at affordable price to all. IETC is known for its innovative leadership and commitment with the Slogan “Educating Human for Greatness”. IU degrees are hyper-focused, flexible and innovative – Learn with us and be ahead of OTHERS. 

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