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At IU International University of Applied Sciences, we’ve helped thousands of working professionals, single parents, and first-generation academics develop their careers in exciting new ways, without having to compromise on what they want to achieve. 

With our fully online degrees, you can acquire an internationally recognised and state-accredited university degree – from anywhere in the world, on your own schedule. 

What you can learn online at IU

Below you will find the full list of online German degrees offered in English at IU. These programmes are taught 100% online, from start to finish – including the exams and the submission of your final thesis. 

Click on each programme to visit the programme page, where you can see the curriculum, potential careers as a graduate and information about the skills you’ll develop during your studies. 

Master ECTS credits
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence 60
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision 60
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence and NLP 60
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence for Supply Chain Management 60
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence in Automotive 60
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence in FinTech 60
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare 60
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence in Marketing and E-Commerce 60
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence in Production 60
M.Sc. - Artificial Intelligence 120
M.Sc. - Business & IT 60/120
M.Sc. - Business Intelligence 60/120
M.Sc. - Computer Science 120
M.Sc. - Cyber Security 120
M.Sc. - Data Management 60/120
M.Sc. - Data Science 60/120
M.Sc. - DevOps and Cloud Computing 120
M.Sc. - DevOps and Cloud Computing Management 60
M.A. - Digital Innovation & Intrapreneurship 60
M.A. - Digital Marketing 60/120
M.A. - Digital Product Management 60
M.Eng. - Engineering Management 60
M.Sc. - Finance, Accounting & Taxation 120
M.A. - Growth Hacking 120
M.A. - Growth Hacking for Entrepreneurs 60
M.A. - Human Resource Management 60/120
M.Sc. - Industrial and Organizational Psychology 60/120
M.A. - Information Technology Management 60/120
M.A. - Innovation & Entrepreneurship 120
M.A. - International Healthcare Management 60/120
M.A. - International Management 60/120
M.A. - Management + Majors 60
M.A. - Marketing Management 60/120
M.A. - Product Management 120
M.A. - Project Management 60/120

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Entry requirements

Below you can find a preliminary admission requirement list for our online German degrees (taught in English). Please be advised that some programmes require additional criteria, such as having work experience in a specific field or a certain amount of ECTS credits from a previous academic programme. For exact admission requirements, visit the specific programme page. 

The admissions documents must be provided in English or German; if they were not issued in one of these two languages, an official translation is required. If you need to translate your documents, we’re happy to refer you to our trusted translation partners – find out more here

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Asynchronous Learning

As an IU student, you’re at the wheel: you decide when, where and how often you want to study. Build your own weekly schedule with our distance learning degrees. 

Online Exams

When we say 100% online studies, we mean 100% online studies: that includes your exams. Thanks to our digital examination partner, you can take your end-of-module exam at any time you want, from the comfort of your home. 

Independent, Not Alone

Just because you have complete freedom in how you study, doesn’t mean you’ll have to be on your own. As a student, you’ll be a part of our international IU community, and have access to numerous online events – and support channels. 

Your online degrees summed up

Choose from 50+ distance learning Bachelor’s, Master’s and MBA programmes 

Study model

Bachelor: 180 ECTS credits
Master: 60 or 120 ECTS credits
MBA: 60 or 90 ECTS credits

Language: English

Duration of study

Bachelor: Regular study period 36 months
Master: Regular study period 24 or 12 months
MBA: Regular study period 12 or 18 months

Different time models
Start your studies at anytime

Tuition fees

Starting from 239 € now 155 € with discount* per month.
No application fees

*Discounts and promotions are available on a seasonal basis

Why study an online degree at IU?

For us, online education isn’t an afterthought or something we were forced to do. It’s a part of our vision for making education more accessible, and has been so for over a decade now.  

What this means for you is simple: you get an online education experience designed to maximise the benefits and freedom of the online format. There are no limitations, no having to match the timeframe of in-person classes, and no boundaries to what you can achieve. 

That means distance learning degrees that match your life, not the other way around – with cutting-edge technological tools, like a personal AI teaching assistant, a digital campus and a designated app

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