The benefits of an IU degree
Why Study with Us

Your studies can have a profound impact on your future income. 

That’s why you need to choose the right university -  

One that has a proven track record of helping students build a career 

Choose Right. Choose IU. 

What you’ll get from us

Above all else, we’re committed to giving you access to quality, affordable education that matches your needs and ambitions. 

Over the last 20 years, we’ve grown to become Germany’s biggest university, with students from over 150 countries

That means we have expert knowledge on how to help any student reach their goals, regardless of their background, if they’re willing to work hard and commit to their studies. 

We promise to help you do the same.

Quality education

50+ BA, MA and MBA degrees

No matter what your passion or dream career is, we have the degree to make it a reality. Take your pick from degrees in business & management, marketing, IT, applied psychology or healthcare management. 

Many of our graduate degrees (MA/MBA) are available in different ECTS credits, so you can pursue a shorter or longer course of studies, based on your experience and skills. 

International accreditation & recognition

Our university is state-recognised by the federal government of Thuringen, Germany, and our degrees are recognised around the world. 

We’re a member of the Association of African Universities (AAU) and the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) and were recognised by well-known organisations such as WES (US & Canada).

That matches your needs

Student taking online classes


All of our degrees are offered in English and 100% online, so you get to study at your own pace, from anywhere in the world. That includes the exams, which you can take online 24/7/365. 

Many of our programmes are also offered on campus in Germany, at our Berlin and Bad Honnef campuses.  

If you choose to join us on campus, you’ll not only enjoy a great student experience in a fantastic country to start your career in, but also get to study in our upgraded, blended campus study format


Thanks to having over a decade of online teaching experience, we’ve worked with a wide range of learners who are not typical students:  

  • Business owners  
  • Single parents 
  • Pensioners  
  • And students who were the first ones in their families to attend a university. 

So no matter your situation and the level of support you need, we’re here for you and we’ll help you overcome any obstacles. From study motivation to exam preparation, and anything in between – we'll be with you every step of the way

And helps you succeed

Transform your career – or start a brand new one

Looking for a career change or a promotion at your current job? All you need to do is pick your new career path, and we’ll help you reach your goal.  

With our degrees, you’ll discover new industries and fields of work, and develop in-demand skills that will increase your chances on the job market. 

Salary booster

An internationally recognised and accredited degree from IU will give you the chance of lucrative salary increases in your old or new job as a more qualified and skilled professional.

Career booster

Whether you’re looking to take your first steps in the professional world, change careers or advance into a managerial position, a degree from IU will give you all the tools you need: practical work skills, industry familiarity, and theoretical proficiency.

Personal growth

Earning a degree isn’t just great for your career, it’s also great for you. You’ll expand your horizons, deepen your knowledge and expertise, challenge yourself and develop new skills – maybe even in a completely new field.

A global professional network

When you graduate, you’ll also benefit from the ever-growing IU alumni community and be able to participate in a wide range of alumni-focused events.  

  • Network with more than 7,000 professionals in the alumni community  
  • Hear career opportunities from IU partner companies  
  • Expand your professional sphere via social groups and alumni events  
  • Connect, collaborate, and even pool resources with fellow alumni  
Student interacting with an AI tutor

Future proof with AI

As a university that’s committed to getting our graduates ready for success in the job market, we believe that the key to continued success is to be able to adapt to changes quickly.  

That’s true for both our students and for us as a university. We’ve made it our mission to teach all IU students to learn how to work with AI, so as an IU student, you’ll develop AI skills as your professional superpower

Study along with Syntea, our GPT-powered AI tutor, and learn how to create effective prompts in our prompt engineering courses, available in every programme we offer. 

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