Our Academic Partners

Since 1998, IU has forged strong ties with renowned universities, international organisations, and leading companies. Learn how our long-standing commitment to collaboration allows you to experience a truly global education, tailored for your success. 

At IU, we pride ourselves in building global alliances through academic, international, and company partnerships, collectively aimed at enriching your educational journey and empowering your career prospects.  

Academic partnerships

Our academic partnerships

At IU, we're dedicated to delivering unique learning opportunities that cater to your varied needs and aspirations. That's why we've partnered with academic institutions across the globe – aimed at enhancing your learning experience and career prospects abroad while breaking down educational barriers. 

Study Abroad Alliance

Through the Study Abroad Alliance, you can transition seamlessly from online studies at IU to on-campus studies at our partner universities in the US, Canada, UK, Australia or Europe during your final semesters.  

  • Learn at renowned universities worldwide 
  • Develop a global perspective and valuable cross-cultural skills 
  • Build international connections and explore post-graduation visa options

We’ve collaborated with UCLA Extension so you can study in Los Angeles, California and earn your IU degree plus an additional certificate from UCLA. 

We’ve partnered with British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) so you can start online with us and finish your studies on campus in Canada. 

Our partnership with the International College of Management Sydney (ICMS) lets you start your degree online and complete it on campus in Australia.

Cambridge Assessment International Education

As a registered online Cambridge International School, IU offers a unique study pathway that lets you earn a high school diploma and a bachelor’s degree simultaneously. This makes education even more accessible to those without a high school qualification while maximising their learning potential. 

  • Benefit from an internationally recognized and rigorous curriculum 
  • Develop critical thinking and analytical skills that are crucial for future success  
  • Access top universities around the world with a highly regarded diploma 

Certified by Cambridge Assessment International Education, IU provides a unique opportunity to achieve your high school diploma and bachelor's degree, at no extra cost. 

IU Oxford Certificate Programme

Elevate your academic journey with the IU Oxford Certificate Programme, an exclusive, intensive study abroad summer experience at Worcester College, University of Oxford. The one- to two-week programme is open to students with an interest in business management and computer science or AI-related programmes. 

This incredible opportunity allows you to: 

  • Learn from expert Oxford tutors in an intellectually stimulating environment 
  • Enhance your resume with a Certificate of Attendance and Achievement 
  • Network with peers, academics, and professionals from around the world 

Through the IU Oxford Certificate Programme, you can participate in an intensive study abroad summer experience in business management and AI at Worcester College, Oxford University.

International memberships

Our international memberships

By holding memberships with prestigious international bodies, IU instils confidence in the global recognition of your degree. Not only does this validate the quality of your education, but it also boosts your career prospects locally and globally and opens avenues for further studies overseas. 

IU is recognised by WES Canada and U.S., which means your degree can be converted to points in the local system for purposes of immigration, work, or studies.

As the sole European member of the Association of African Universities (AAU), IU offers you access to a vast research database, exchange and scholarship opportunities, and a strong academic network.

IU is a member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), the largest University Association in the world with foreign universities as an Associate Member.

As a “designated educational institution” under Canada Student Financial Assistance Program, IU enables you to apply for federal aid, easing your financial journey through your studies.

As the first EU institution in UNESCO's Global Education Coalition, IU is committed to ensuring accessible quality education to students in crisis worldwide through free online micro-credentials.

As a member of the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE), IU is part of a global network dedicated to promoting and enhancing open, distance, flexible, and online education. This membership provides IU with opportunities to engage in international collaborations, access to cutting-edge research, and participation in global initiatives aimed at improving educational accessibility and quality.

Company partners

Our company partners

For over 20 years, IU has established partnerships with leading global companies. This offers you the chance to gain firsthand experience through internships and projects and allow us to adapt our learning content to the ever-evolving needs of the labour market. You'll benefit from an education designed to bridge the gap between theory and real-world practice, ensuring your readiness for your future career. 

Strategic partnerships

Strategic partnerships

At IU, our strategic partnerships are aimed at making quality education accessible to all. Our extensive network of collaborations works to expand your opportunities and reduce the barriers to academic success. We continually strive to ensure you have the resources and support needed to excel in your studies, irrespective of where you are in the world. 

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