About IU

About IU

With more than 100,000 students, we are the fastest growing university in Europe and the largest state-recognised university in Germany.

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What we do

We have developed the largest integrated global degree and non degree portfolio that promotes future skills in a stackable fashion.

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Our partners

From academic institutions, reknown companies, distribution partners to goverments, we’ve helped many partners across the world reach their goals.

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Our mission

"We are continuously working to optimally align our degree offering with the needs of our students and corporate partners, giving more people the opportunity to grow personally through innovative learning formats.​​"

Dr. Sven Schütt
CEO International University of Applied Sciences

Disrupter of higher education

  • 100,000+ students ​
  • Largest German state-accredited university​
  • Globally recognised with multiple awards ​
  • 100,000+ learning hours ​
  • 200+ study programs (Bachelor, Master & MBA ) ​
  • Large non-degree learning portfolio

Student-centered approach

  • 750+ professors, lectures & tutors​
  • Optimal learning mix, innovative learning platform & tools ​
  • On-demand support for a successful study completion ​
  • Modular approach, life-long-learning & development of competencies​
  • 2 campuses Berlin & Bad Honnef fully international

Strong university partner

  • IU we are a University​
  • 2 decades experience of  successfully developing & delivering online degrees ​
  • 15,000+ renowned corporate partners ​
  • Constantly updating programmes with skills for employment market​
  • Deep relationships with employers & partners to grow further

Affordable education at high quality

  • #1 in all important customer platforms of German universities ​
  • >90% Recommendation rate among our students & partners ​
  • Flexible approach with quick setup without burdening initial costs​
  • Platform aligned to scalability in order to offer affordable prices ​
  • No limitation of classroom, borders or campus facilities
Disruptor of education

With more than 100.000 students we are Europe´s fastest growing University

Large study portafolio

More than 200 degree programs with high quality teaching

Upskilling opportunities

More than 350 online certificates that are functionally designed to "stack" toward a degree 

How learning at IU looks like

Our students can learn flexibly and self-paced on any device 100% online, using AI-powered learning tools. 

We optimize our +60% NPS with quality improvement process leveraging customer feedback.

What our students think about IU

  • “In both my passion and my career, the skills and competencies I learned at IU have made a big difference.”

    Zena Massaad

    Online student, Syria

  • “The degree programme at IU is an excellent preparation for students seeking a career as an investment banker.”

    Benjamin Mehran

    Graduate, Iran

  • “IU offered a great international, yet intimate, atmosphere and a portfolio of study programmes with a global outlook.”

    Leonie Andereya


  • “I really like the diversity of the materials available at IU. This means I can always adjust how I study based on my learning needs and preferences.”

    Stine Marie Quabs

    MA Marketing Management, Germany

  • “I wait for no one! All depends on me and I could do it whenever it made more sense… I set weekly small goals and step by step I'm able to keep motivated”

    Sofia Pereira

    MBA, Portugal

  • “I am Indian by descent but raised across 3 continents. Staying in Germany allowed me to gain valuable insights into the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance in order to optimize your personal and professional goals.”

    Kunal Saigal

    MBA - International Business (Finance Specialisation), India

Personal counselling
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