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MBA Master of Business Administration

Sofia Pereira

"Flexibility is key for me, and IU provides the best and most flexible MBA programme."

Why MBA?

Sofia comes from a family of scholars and is currently pursuing an MBA at IU. She had long desired to pursue an MBA and discovered that the MBA programme at IU is the most affordable and best fit for her lifestyle. Sofia is interested in learning more about project management because it involves solving challenges and puzzles, both of which she enjoys. With an MBA, she’ll gain a range of project management skills accompanied by relevant experience. 

“Flexibility is key for me, and IU provides the best and most flexible MBA programme"

The IU Journey

While pursuing her MBA, Sofia works part-time as a junior project manager. As an online student, she has the freedom to work and study at the same time. She’s able to work at her own pace and choose her weekly schedule. Smart tools, particularly video lectures and interactive books that provide easy-to-understand and brief modules, helps her to make the most of her time studying.

“I wait for no one! All depends on me, and I could do it whenever it made

more sense… I set weekly small goals and step by step I'm able to keep motivated”

What’s next?

The next big step in Sofia’s professional career is getting an MBA degree. With her current job and an MBA on the horizon, she’s on her way to doing what she loves – solving problems one project at a time.