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MBA Master of Business Administration

NaYoung Lee

"My studies at IU provided me with the opportunity to broaden my views by engaging with classmates from all around the world."

Through IU's partnership with her current employer, Parexel, NaYoung was able to pursue the MBA programme at IU and get the boost she needed to advance her career.

What she loves about studying remotely and online at IU are the 24/7 accessible video lectures, online exams, and the flexibility she gets. Despite her busy schedule, she managed to focus on both her studies and her work. With IU's go-to online learning tool, the IU Learn App, she had quick access to a variety of tools, applications, resources, and databases – all 100% online and available whenever she needed them. 

Having begun as a clinical research associate, NaYoung advanced through the ranks at Parexel, one of the world's leading global clinical research organizations (CRO). Today she is the vice president for the Asia Pacific Enterprise account management team, solely responsible for managing some of the region's clients. She changed her concentration from operations to the commercial sector after realizing that management was her true calling. Her position is vital as she collaborates with the client from the start of their drug development strategy, offers advice that is necessary based on her expertise, and then suggests the best course of action. 

Her time at IU has equipped her with valuable skills in logical thinking, communicating her ideas, and solving problems. This has come in handy particularly in her field of work where it is important to be able to express her ideas and think clearly. Her experience at IU has also taught her how to tackle challenges and problems logically while still allowing for some flexibility. Even when faced with obstacles in life, NaYoung believes one should continue studying as every learning process can be highly rewarding in many aspects, beyond just academic gains. Overall, her IU experience has broadened her views by allowing her to connect with peers all over the world and expand her network.