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B.A. International Management

Marcel Adams

"The close industry connections at IU allowed me to turn my studies into practice straight away."

IU (formerly known as IUBH) alumnus Marcel André Adams joined the start-up foodora after completing his studies, and went on to play a significant role in shaping the expansion of the delivery service throughout southern Germany. He is now Team Lead in Account Management at the Global Savings Group, a leading provider of commerce content solutions in Germany. Only after my internship and a year of working did I decide on my course of study: I determined to upskill to managerial level, while also making myself competitive on the international jobs market. As such, an English-language qualification in International Management with a focus on marketing was the perfect option for me.

On course for expansion: promotion from sales manager to head of key account management

After completing my studies at IU (formerly known as IUBH), I joined foodora as a Sales Manager in Düsseldorf. I was tasked with opening the city of Düsseldorf as a new market and winning as many partners as possible. Within three months, I had achieved my goal: Düsseldorf went live as a new location, and the first foodora deliveries bustled throughout the city. This experience made it clear to me that I did not just want to recruit new partners, but also to develop the existing ones further and help them improve in the mobile business model.

This is a major aspect of Account Management. Subsequently, I moved to Munich, where foodora began, and became the first Key Account Manager to handle existing partners. As a result of the rapid growth, our team expanded too: soon, there were three other account managers for Munich, and we began expanding into other cities in the Southern Germany region. Thanks to my prior experience, I was given the responsibility of managing the team.

Having overseen various other projects, I was then made Head of Key Account Management for Southern Germany and Austria. My responsibilities included seven cities and over 600 partners. Each day brought the pleasure of a new challenge, always coupled with my great passion: food.

A new career chapter: team lead in account management at Global Savings Group

After almost four years at foodora, I decided it was time for a change. I wanted to retain and develop my Key Account Management expertise, but in the context of a newly emerging market – which is how I arrived at Global Savings Group. This new role provides ample opportunity for me to apply my marketing knowledge and experience, while the affiliate market itself is an exciting and promising industry. I timed the career move well, as by spring 2019, Global Savings Group had become one of the leading providers of commerce content solutions in Germany. After almost 2 years in a role as Senior Account Manager, I had the opportunity to take the next step and expand my expertise as an affiliate into the area of team management. As a Team Lead in Account Management, I can now function as a mentor while furthering my experiences through strategic development and interpersonal skills.

Start-ups: development opportunities, career possibilities

Start-ups are, in my opinion, the best way to launch one’s career nowadays. You learn a lot in the shortest possible time and hold full responsibility for your particular area from day one. You have to work hard, but you develop fast, quickly learning to be flexible and innovative in your approach to problems. Working dynamically as part of a team whose every member has a stake in moving the company forward is not just exciting, but requires swift decision-making and consistently fresh ideas to ensure success. Building a business can also impart skills applicable to your own life and personal projects. If you prove yourself here, the doors open elsewhere; the sky’s the limit!

Studying at IU: the optimum preparation for working in an international environment

As I look back on my studies, I can say without hesitation that I had a fantastic time at IU (formerly known as IUBH). I got to know so many people from such a variety of places and backgrounds, with whom I am still in contact today. However, what I appreciated most about studying at IU (formerly known as IUBH) was the practice-oriented approach to teaching, which prepared me ideally for the realities of professional life. The close industry connections at IU (formerly known as IUBH) allowed me to turn my studies into practice straight away. The appropriate skills and a sure command of English are necessary to excel in the international work environment; studying at IU (formerly known as IUBH) represents the first step in this direction.