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MBA Master of Business Administration

Halim Takhedmit

"The IU International MBA offered me invaluable flexibility."

Halim Takhedmit, 30, is from Algeria and has a background in Engineering. An Inside Sales Engineer with Fife Tidland GmbH (part of Maxcess), his hobbies include cycling and traveling.

A mentality of discipline and quality standards

I was very grateful to have the chance to study and live in Germany, a country of endless opportunities. Of course, it’s one of the strongest economies in the world; but I’m also fascinated with the German people, their mentality, their discipline and commitment to high quality standards. I felt I had a lot to learn from them, and in doing so make my time in Germany a really constructive experience. So not only did I learn a lot on my MBA programme, but found life in Germany to be highly educational and beneficial in its own right. My IU (formerly known as IUBH) experience itself was very positive – I made friends, acquired invaluable competencies, and had some eye-opening field trips to such major corporate locations as the BMW plant in Berlin-Spandau. And naturally, graduating with a state-accredited German degree would prove to be of great to help to me in the German jobs market.

A new life in Germany

I enjoyed my time in Germany so much that I decided to stay long-term. Since December 2018, I’ve been in the role of Inside Sales Engineer with Fife Tidland GmbH, a multinational company providing solutions for web-handling. It was a good thing that internationality was such a major dimension of the IU (formerly known as IUBH) experience, as I deal with clients from Western Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. I find I can apply the skills I learned during my MBA to my daily work, as I oversee business strategies and coordinate internally between the various departments. For the moment, I’m looking forward to further expanding and developing in my role, and then I’ll see what the future might bring!