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At IU, we have developed the largest, integrated, global degree portfolio that promotes future skills in a stackable fashion. We decided to make this portfolio available for educators around the world to promote our vision more broadly.

With over 20 years of experience in education, over 75.000 students and a recommendation rate of 98%, we’re committed to delivering job-relevant courses and degrees to the global community.

We help education providers, institutions, and organisations kick-start and expand their field of study areas and training programmes through our ready-to-run degree and online certificate courses. With over 350 courses and 100,000 learning hours, our online programmes are designed with the highest teaching standards and require minimal operational effort to set up and run.

How we can support you

We offer online certificates (Nano Degrees and Diplomas) which are set up to "stack” ECTS credits towards a degree completion with focus on high-demanded job skills such as cyber security, artificial intelligence, data science and management courses. Other courses from partner universities or other institutions can be accredited and integrated.

Enroll your participants and students right away without incurring setup investments and high-risk partnerships through existing high-quality IU content and valuable additional offerings to broaden your online learning capabilities and develop additional revenue opportunities.


We provide accredited degree programmes that are fully online to help students study at their convenience. Our digital, user-friendly learning materials and online support services give students the experience they need with an added flexibility to adjust the courses to their schedules.


In 50 - 150 learning hours per course, our students acquire high-demand job skills. Our short courses are functionally set up to "stack" to a degree and can also be accredited and integrated with courses from other partner universities and institutions.


We are proud to offer students flexibility in their studies with our combined “Online/On Campus” study model. Programmes with this flexible option allows students to choose where they’d like to spend their semester.


We have coordinated many of our study programmes with the London South Bank University (LSBU) so that students have the opportunity to acquire a British degree in addition to our German degree.

Does our course portfolio not match your needs?

No problem! Since all our courses are online, they can be customized. 

We tailor our courses to your requirements, so they deliver the most value to your students.

What learning looks like at IU

In our 15-minute learning units, our expert professors teach content with clear explanations and show practical examples. Through numerous practical transfer tasks and examples from everyday tasks of company life, our students can benefit directly from what they have learned and bring it into their professional futures or current careers.

If you are interested in testing the app, please contact us by mail and we will be happy to help.

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Our partners

From big international universities to small local colleges, we’ve helped many higher education institutions reach their goals.

Our courses were successfully implemented in countries all over the world, creating a global network of skilled students.

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