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On-campus FAQs


How does on-campus learning work at IU?

IU offers a great mix of online self-study and in-person learning to offer you maximum flexibility in Germany. You will attend on-campus sessions 2-3 days a week and be able to ask questions and discuss with fellow students and lecturers in person. You will also work on projects in small groups to encourage collaboration and teamwork skills.

What are the admission requirements to learn on campus at IU?

IU’s admission requirements depend on the study programme you are interested in. You must provide proof of English skills to study any of our courses, which are all taught in English. You can find the exact requirements listed on the page of each respective study programme.

What are the on-campus fees like?

Please visit the Learning on campus - Programmes page for more information on course fees. Please note that there is an additional €1500 campus registration fee that you will need to pay as an IU student learning on campus, on top of the tuition fees displayed.

The application process

How do I apply to IU programmes with campus learning?

Simply fill out our online application form and we'll review your application within 72 hours. In your application, you can select one out of two IU campuses to study at in Germany: Berlin or Bad Honnef.

Our Student Advisors will reach out to you over email with more details on the next steps of your application. Get an overview of the on-campus application and admission process here.

Which degree programmes are offered with campus learning in Germany?

Many of our Bachelor, Master and MBA degree programmes are offered with campus learning at IU in Germany. Please visit the Learning on campus - Programmes page for a full list of available programmes.

Who can apply to IU programmes with campus learning?

Anyone with a valid university entrance qualification to study in Germany can apply. Depending on the country you are from, you might also need a student visa*. Once you submit your application online at IU, you will be contacted by a Study Advisor who can provide you with details about your application needs.

*IU does not assist with visa applications; you will need to apply for one at the Embassy. Please note that requirements for the German student visa may differ among countries.

When can I apply?

Applications are open all-year round, however for our degree programmes with on-campus learning, there are only 4 intakes per year: in January, April, July and October. You can indicate your desired starting date in your online application. Make sure to apply early so you can get any visas sorted out in time for your studies in Germany.

Are there any application fees?

No, there aren’t. Our advisory services are free of charge.

I don't know which study programme to choose. Who can help me?

Don’t worry, many people face the same issue. Simply reach out to our Study Advisors by email or phone. Our team will guide you personally on your study options and provide support whenever you need it.

Do I need to know German to study in Germany as an international student?

Not at IU. Our programmes are taught 100% in English.  

Can I test the programme and cancel it if I don't like it?

After your enrolment, you can test your studies free of charge and without obligation for four weeks. During this time, all IU offers and services are available to you.  

If you decide that studying with us is not for you, you can cancel your registration free of charge within these four weeks. 

If you like your studies, you can simply continue studying after the trial period. In this case, your first month will count as a regular study period for which a fee is charged. We will only charge you for the first month after the end of the trial phase.   

Afterward, you can cancel the contract with six weeks' notice at the end of the first six months. Later, you are free to terminate the contract at any time with three months' notice (in each case at the end of a full month, in relation to the start of the contract). The cancellation must be made in writing. 

When do I decide on a campus?

When you apply, you indicate which campus you would like to study at. If you wish to move during your studies, you can easily change locations during your studies.  

Learning on campus in Germany

Where are the IU campuses located?

We have two international campuses in Germany: Berlin and Bad Honnef. Both are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that will help you succeed in your studies and connect with your peers and lecturers. We only offer on-campus student accommodation in Bad Honnef, but our team is happy to give you advice on finding accommodation in Berlin if you want to join us there.

What do the IU campuses look like?

Check out our campus tour videos to see what’s on offer in Berlin and Bad Honnef.

Can I change my campus location after I’ve started my studies?

Yes, you can still change your preferred campus location, except during the last semester. It’s always best to let us know beforehand so that your transition goes smoothly.

When do I need to attend on-campus classes?

You'll need to attend tutorials on campus 2-3 days a week and attendance is mandatory. The exact days and times depend on your chosen campus location and study programme and will be communicated to you before the start of your studies.

For the rest of the week, you’ll enjoy the freedom of studying off-campus at your own time with our digital learning platform and tools.

How much contact do I have with fellow students and lecturers?

Through our study model with campus learning in Germany, you'll get to interact with your lecturers in real-time, as well as socialise and collaborate with your peers through joint courses. Online, you’ll also have many opportunities for digital exchange through interactive video conferences or channels on various topics.

How will I be assessed?

This is course dependent. As a student learning on campus at IU, you may have written assignments, oral exams, group assessments and exams. Some may be taken in-person at one of our 40+ examination centres across Europe.

When do exams take place?

Our exams take place several times a year, across 2 semesters. Each semester consists of two blocks of 11 weeks each: 9 weeks dedicated to studying and 2 weeks for taking your exams.

During the 9 weeks, you’ll take three courses parallelly. After you've completed the courses, you’ll sit for your exams. This ensures that your knowledge is fresh and that there is less exam stress at the end of the semester due to the distributed exam phases. For more information, please reach out to our Study Advisors.

Is there a compulsory attendance?

Yes, attendance in the on-site tutorials is mandatory for all students enrolled in our programmes with on-campus learning.

Can I take a semester off from my studies?

Yes, you can pause your studies for a semester if you’re planning to take a long trip abroad, or for any other personal reason.

Will I get a semester ticket?

Unfortunately, we cannot currently offer you a semester ticket. However, as a student, you must purchase the transportation ticket, per semester (Deutschlandsemesterticket), as well as the Student Association (Studierenwerke) card. 

You’ll also benefit from many other student discounts: for Spotify, Amazon Prime, and plenty of other products and services – plus free access to LinkedIn Learning and Microsoft Office 365. 

Applying for a visa/Residence permit

How can I apply for a student visa to study in Germany as an international student?

You can apply for a student visa at the German embassy or consulate in your home country.  

For a detailed explanation of the application process and requirements, visit our how to get a visa guide

How can I apply for a visa if I don't have an acceptance letter?

You must have an official letter of acceptance from IU in order to apply for your student visa. Make sure to complete your IU application as soon as possible, so you can speed up your visa application process. 

What if I can't get my visa on time? Can I start my studies online and then come to campus?

If you don’t get your visa on time for the start of your studies, you can push your start to the next available intake. 

Alternatively, you can withdraw your application, and apply to start your studies online. 

Will IU support my visa application process?

Yes! We will connect you to our trusted visa application partner, who will take care of the entire process for you – from start to finish, 100% free of charge. 

To receive this service, you’ll need to be officially enrolled first – so it’s important that you pay your one-time on-campus fee as soon as your study contract and admission documents have been uploaded.  

The sooner you finish the IU application process, the quicker you can begin the visa application process – and start your studies. 

Working and living in Germany

What can I expect living in Germany?

Whether you choose the picturesque, student centric Bad Honnef campus, or our metropolitan, lively Berlin campus, Germany has so much to offer students and people planning their career in the country. Your studies at IU will position you at the heart of the EU, home to some of the biggest names in STEM industries and a highly promising tech & IT sector, brimming with opportunities.

Can I work part-time?

Yes, international students from outside the EU/EEA are allowed to work 120 full days or 240 half days per year in Germany. Since the in-person tutorials only take place 2-3 days a week, you can always plan to have free days for a student job on the side.

Does IU offer on-campus accommodation?

IU has 6 modern halls of residence situated on its Bad Honnef campus with facilities like shared laundry and drying rooms, bicycle storage, and parking spaces (reservable for a monthly fee). Each shared student flat comes with a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, a balcony or terrace, Wi-Fi, Cable TV and radio connection. Spots are limited, so we advise you to fill out the student accommodation form as soon as possible, if you are interested.

Unfortunately, we do not offer student accommodation in Berlin. However, our Admissions team will be happy to share some platforms where you can search for a room in one of the many shared flats across the city.

Can I work in Germany after graduation?

To be eligible for the 18-month post study visa, you will need to complete the last six months of your studies on campus in Germany. Therefore, if you earn a degree on campus at IU, you will be eligible for a post study visa. The post study visa gives you the opportunity to stay in Germany and look for a job corresponding to your field of study after graduation.

How much does it cost to live in Germany as an international student?

In addition to your tuition fees, you'll need to budget for living expenses such as accommodation, food, and health insurance.  

You'll need also to show proof of financial means to support yourself during your stay. International students need to set aside a minimum of €934 per month for living expenses, so you must have at least €11,208 in your bank account before applying for a German student visa.  

Can I work while studying in Germany as an international student?

Yes, international students in Germany can work up to 120 full days or 240 half days per year. However, it's important to note that part-time jobs may not cover all living expenses and may require German language proficiency.  

About IU International University of Applied Sciences

Are IU degree programmes with campus learning accredited and state-recognised?

Yes, all our study programmes are state-recognised and accredited by the German Council of Sciences and Humanities as well as the German Accreditation Council. For over 20 years, we’ve been a provider of quality-assured higher education to students from all around the world.

IU is also able to independently accredit new programmes in accordance with the legally defined quality standards. You can find more detailed information on the IU Accreditations & Rankings page

How many people are studying at IU?

Currently, over 100,000 students from all around the world have enrolled at IU. We have over 20 years of experience with excellent feedback from our students and alumni, whether in distance learning, studying part-time or in Germany.

What is IU's reputation like?

IU is well-ranked among other universities around the world; we received a 5-star rating for Online Learning on QS Quacquarelli Symonds, the world's popular source for university ranking data. The quality of our programmes, faculty, and resources are regularly tested and evaluated against international quality standards.

96% of our students recommend us – that speaks for itself, and we are very proud of that. Through innovative teaching methods and practice-based curriculums, we prepare our students for a successful career start in Germany and anywhere around the globe.

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