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IU Career Service

At IU, you'll always find a supportive community by your side. Right from the start, our dedicated Career Service is there for you with an exclusive range of career services to guide you towards fulfilling your professional ambitions.

We support your career development

Need help writing your CV, don’t know where to start in your job search, or just want tips and tricks on how to ace your next interview? The IU Career Service is here for you!

With our wide range of career services (and more to come), you’ll find at your disposal a wealth of resources that can help you land your dream job. Most of our services are now available online – including our guide for How to get a job in Germany - so no matter where you are, we’re ready to support you in taking that next step in your career. You can view all our career events on myCampus calendar and our online JobTeaser career platform.

Here’s a quick look at the Career Service services currently available to our Online and On campus students:

Career servicesFrequencyOnlineOn-campus

Career Talks


Career Prep Trainings (Live)

Monthly (recordings are available on-demand 24/7)

1:1 Career Advice (Email or Zoom)

Daily slots: on demand

Application document check (Email)


JobTeaser Platform

24/7, online

IU Career Café


IU Talent Bank


AI-Career Tools


Career Prep

Explore the various opportunities we offer to help you land your dream job. Here are some insights into our career prep services:

Career Catapult: Your Launchpad to Success!

Discover our exclusive careers platform, designed to help you with your job search, offering you:

  • Over 130,000 job and internship offers*
  • 2,700+ international company contacts*
  • Company reviews from other students
  • Registration for IU career events & trainings
  • Tips, tricks, and useful links for your job search and application

*The numbers reflected above are subject to changes.

Get real-world ready

We equip you with the right skills to help you prepare for your job hunt with:

  • Career planning and job search strategies
  • CV and cover letter how-to
  • Effective interview techniques
  • How to navigate salary negotiations
  • Insights about the German business culture

Let’s talk! Meaningful guidance unique to you

We’re hosting weekly events where you can:

  • Be in direct contact with companies and recruiters
  • Get company and recruiting insights
  • Access job and internship opportunities
  • Network with professionals in diverse industries

The IU Talent Bank

Get connected - Expand your professional network

Dive into the IU Talent Bank— where top-notch student and alumni resumes meet awesome job opportunities! As a partner company, pick your dream candidates effortlessly. Meanwhile, students get the inside scoop on job offers and cool career events. 

  • Be part of the fun—join IU and send us your resume to connect with your future dream job! 

Recent events

Career Talk: Be the Change @Accenture

19th September | 95 participants 

This event gave students and alumni valuable insights into Accenture's global presence and the life of a business consultant, fostering personal connections with Accenture professionals, especially resonating with students in Business & Management and IT & Tech. 

“The session was particularly amazing and informative.” 

"I'd like to extend my gratitude to Catherine from IU's career office for her excellent facilitation of the event."

How to Create an Impactful CV with Enhancv

15th August | 80 participants 

The event showcased EnhanCV, a partner platform, demonstrating how to craft a tailored, high-quality CV with AI assistance. Students learned to draw inspiration from industry examples, optimise their CVs with their LinkedIn profiles, and receive ATS feedback for a stellar impression on recruiters. 

“It is an informative session and very useful.“ 

“Thank you for sharing a helpful tool today for CV creation!” 

Working Options For International Students in Germany

18th July | 82 participants 

The event targeted new international students in Germany, offering important info on working in the country. Topics include job options, work timeframes, and required documents. 

"The session gave us extensive information about working options in Germany for International students - participant."

“All the sections were covered in an organised manner, leaving NO queries unanswered.” 

Satisfaction among graduates

94% of IU graduates find work within 3 months of graduating.

Job prospects after graduation

80% of IU graduates transition to managerial roles after just 2 years of study.

Climbing the career ladder

10% of graduates get an average salary increase per year.

Personal counselling
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