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As a state-accredited university and pioneer in vocational education, IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU) is committed to lifelong application-oriented research, discovery, and innovation.

IU is home to a thriving academic community with expertise across diverse disciplines, including IT & engineering, business, human resources, logistics and hospitality. Our professors actively embark on cooperative projects with the federal government, practice partners, and companies in diverse industries to meet research challenges and the needs of society.

Our research reinforces our teaching and learning, shaping our degree programmes and strengthening our partnerships. This enables us to continually deliver top-quality, industry-relevant education that empowers students from all around the world.

IU Publications

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Trend Studies

What does the future of learning look like? How does IU keep up with global changes and the increasingly digitised world? And how does that impact the learning and the education that you’ll receive as a student at IU?

The IU Trend Studies are self-published publications of IU. These studies include qualitative and quantitative surveys among students, practice partners, and IU professors.

Discussion Papers

As the main online university publication, the IU Discussion Papers provide our professors with the opportunity to share current research results or discuss theses across diverse subject areas.

Subject areas

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Young Talents @ IU

At IU, we recognise, promote, and award outstanding students who have produced remarkable work during their time at IU. In addition to the Best Thesis Award, the Diversity Award also honours student theses that deal particularly with the topic of diversity.

Graduates whose Bachelor’s or Master’s theses are published in scientific or specialist media will also receive a publication grant of €500 in recognition of this achievement.

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Research Projects

As a state-accredited university, IU actively undertakes research projects through third-party funding partnerships and co-ops, as well as IU start up-funding initiatives and incubator projects.

Some of our ongoing projects are funded by:

  • European Union
  • German Federal Ministry of Research and Development (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung)
  • The European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESA - ESTEC)
  • Stifterverband der Deutschen Wirtschaft – Innovation in Higher Education Teaching

To foster a research environment that develops and drives ideas forward, IU has also built a research structure comprising of three pillars: IU Research Incubator, IU Research Centre, and IU Research Institute.

  • Young Women in STEM - What are the barriers for female students and young women to enter STEM fields and which tools are suitable to reduce these barriers? Read more here.
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