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Revolutionise how you learn.

Cover all of your course materials and get immediate answers to questions with IU’s one-of-a-kind AI tutor.

Reach your goals faster: students using our AI-powered tutor reach their first exams 27% faster than other students.

Study Better With An AI Tutor

Syntea is a unique AI-powered tool developed by IU International University of Applied Sciences, specifically for our students. Linked to the AI Learn app and available in all of our courses, Syntea is a first-of-its-kind AI tutor, offering you a new and exciting way of learning and practising new information.

Use Syntea, the AI tutor, to empower yourself and optimise your studies. Leverage the benefits of cutting-edge technological advancements before everyone else – artificial intelligence, large language models (LLMs) and GPT – and you’ll not only learn better, but also be more prepared for working with these AI tools and other apps in the future, throughout your career

Simply put, it gives a real competitive edge over other job-seekers. You benefit from studying in an innovative learning environment offered by IU – pioneers in AI-powered learning.

Think about it as a way of enhancing your studies and another tool in your belt. You can ask any question you have and get real-time feedback, and you can assess your exam readiness using the pre-assessment quiz.

What is an AI tutor?

As the name suggests, an AI tutor (also known as an AI teaching assistant or AI learning assistant) is an AI-powered instructor designed to provide students and learners with a teaching experience without a human teacher.

AI tutors - benefits for students

  • More accurate preparation for exams
  • The ability to work with sophisticated technology
  • Access to real-time feedback without waiting for a teacher
  • Learning support that matches individual needs
  • Having a private tutor without paying for one.

The advancement of natural language processing technology has enabled these AI tutors to become better: more sophisticated, robust, and authoritative.

And yet, an AI tutor alone is not enough for students looking to develop their skills.

The presence and involvement of a human teacher is still required to ensure that the information given by the AI tutor is accurate, consistent, and helpful towards the desired learning outcomes - such as building practical skills for the workplace.

That's where Syntea comes in. It adds to your learning experience without replacing human teachers. All answers are monitored by our tutors to ensure accuracy, and the information it works with is 100% based on IU learning materials.

Curious? In this video, you'll get a short review of why Syntea is the future of online education.

How Syntea helps you study

With Syntea’s higher education chatbot features, you now have 24/7 access to tutor support. It’s a tool you and your tutors use to enhance and improve your learning experience, with immediate answers to your questions and your regular interaction with your teaching staff. That means you get feedback and can check your knowledge when and where you want, on your terms.

The benefits of using Syntea as your AI tutor:


Use the PreAssessment feature to create a study plan for each course, based on your existing knowledge and strengths.

Reach your goals faster

In a recent study, it was found that our AI learning tool, Syntea, helped students reach their first exam 27% faster than those not utilising it

Matches your learning style

Learn by asking questions, taking quizzes or just brainstorming. And soon, you’ll also be able to learn by dialogue.

Main features of Syntea


You can ask Syntea any question related to the course content through the Course Feed or directly in the IU Learn app, through the Syntea widget. You’ll be given an answer and directed to the course book element where the answer was taken from so that you can expand your knowledge through it.


The PreAssessment feature can be used in two different ways:  

  • Testing your existing knowledge before you start a course to understand which units you should focus on. 
  • Testing your knowledge before you take the final exam to understand what needs improving.

By leveraging state-of-the-art AI tools and natural language models, powered by Chat-GPT, Syntea’s PreAssessment feature uses video and audio to personalise your experience, and give you concrete suggestions for what you need to strengthen, highlight, and plan for as you advance in your course studies or prepare for the final exam. 

Answer all of the PreAssessment questions and get a detailed summary of your correct and incorrect answers, to guide you as you plan your next study session. The AI tutor remembers which questions you couldn't answer, and it matches the knowledge level you develop as your learning progresses.

With a combination of single-choice, open-ended questions and multiple-choice questions, the PreAssessment feature is designed to be your source of truth throughout studying for each course. Want to get an honest assessment of your skills and progress before taking a test? Use Syntea and get real-time feedback.

Coming soon: more Syntea features

Alongside the new mobile version, there's plenty more to come. Did you know that IU has an entire team of developers dedicated to adding new features to Syntea, based on our students' needs and feedback?

Here's a sneak peek of what's coming up next!

Socratic teaching

The oldest documented teaching format - and still one of the most efficient ways to learn - is Socratic teaching. By having a dialogue with an instructor, students learn how to not only memorise learning material, but also understand, question, and challenge them.

Imagine getting into a debate with your university tutor whenever you want, 24/7, from anywhere. That's what this new feature will let you do: you'll be able to ask any question you want, and will be asked open-ended questions that help you learn through conversation.

Using Syntea as an IU student

Meet Parag Chitale, an MBA student at IU's Berlin campus. Parag has been using Syntea's AI tutor abilities since it was introduced to our study programmes, and here's how it helped him so far:

"Syntea helps me understand the course topics better by suggesting related questions that other students have also asked. Finding the relevant and right information from the course content is much easier with Syntea."

Syntea – more than just an AI tutor

Think of Syntea not just as a tool to help you for your studies. Beyond its excellent AI tutor abilities, we've developed Syntea as a tool to completely transform how you study and work. It's meant to revolutionise your studies and help you become an AI-literate professional.

That means working with AI tools from your first day of studies, understanding their strengths and limitations, and becoming familiar with using them on an everyday basis.

As a university dedicated to giving our gradutes the best chance to succeed in the job market, we strongly believe that providing a strong AI-focused education, regardless of study programme, is crucial for ensuring that your ready for the future: with the right skills, the right knowledge, and the right mindset.

So, while there are other AI tutor tools out there, none of them offer the seamless integration with the study contents, the combination of human interaction and guidance, and the holistic approach to learning with AI that Syntea offers.

Do more in your studies than just work with an AI tutor. Learn how to work better with AI, and graduate with a competitive edge and confidence for any future career.

Try Syntea for yourself

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AI in education

The international higher education system has been experiencing major disruptions in recent years.

With massive population growth in developing countries, and the challenges presented by global events since 2020, more and more students around the world are struggling to access quality university education.

Online universities like IU have been steadily bridging that gap, thanks to revolutionary online learning models, which offer flexible, affordable university education to students around the world.

With the breakthrough of AI technology we've seen in 2023, thanks to tools like Chat-GPT, the ability to bridge the educational gap is now significantly improved.

Students from around the world can now have not only an AI tutor - they have a whole world of tools at their disposal, helping them progress their skills, for free, at a pace they can decide.

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AI at IU: a leader in global artificial intelligence education

Alongside its major benefits, the AI revolution also presents major potential obstacles to students. They need the right skills to succeed in a world where AI can do many things we thought only humans could do.

At IU, we look at this moment as a pivotal opportunity: our goal is to prepare each student to benefit from the AI revolution.

Here's how we do it:

Teaching AI degrees

IU stands at the forefront of global AI education: we've been selected as one of the top 10 universities in the world for learning AI.

We offer a wide range of AI-specific and related degrees, at both the Bachelor's and Master's levels:

In addition, we also offer an exclusive MBA programme specialising in Artificial Intelligence.

AI prompting taught in each programme

Even if you're not planning on a career in AI, learning how to work with AI tools is a crucial skill to develop.

That's why all of our study programmes, from business to marketing, offer courses in prompting for tools like Chat-GPT.

That way, you'll graduate with AI proficiency, no matter what you study - so you can future-proof your career.


What is an AI tutor?

An AI tutor, also known as an AI teaching assistant or an AI learning assistant, is an AI powered tool designed to act like a human personal tutor. Thanks to access to either the entire internet, or in the case of Syntea, specific course books, and their conversational abilities, AI tutors help students learn better by providing feedback, support, lesson plans and other features.

What is the best AI tutor?

More and more AI tutors have been made available to the general public in recent years. However, not many of them offer a lot of added value when comparing them to Chat-GPT, for example. When choosing an AI tutor, you need to consider how its features match your specific needs. With Syntea, you get an AI tutor designed specifically to help you ace your studies at IU - and it free of charge for all of our students.

How will AI help me in my studies?

AI tutors help make education more accessible for everyone, by providing customised support for student needs at a very low price. Other AI tools help teachers meet the needs of each student by providing additional exam preparation, math instruction and overall just giving educators more options for helping any student who needs extra support. When used regularly, AI tutors can provide solutions to a lot of educational challenges.

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