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Article reading time: 12 min. | 08. Jan 2024, written by Margherita Seppi
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As an aspiring engineer, you may be curious about the engineering salary expectations in your chosen field. After all, engineering is known to offer some of the highest paying jobs in today's ever-evolving job market. But how much can you really expect to earn as an engineer? Let's break down the engineering salary landscape by exploring the highest paying engineering jobs, junior engineer salary expectations, average engineer salary data, monthly earnings, and finally, the prospects for those with a bachelor's degree in engineering.

Engineering salaries

What can you expect as a Junior Engineer salary?

Taking your first steps into the professional world as a junior engineer can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. While you might not start off with the highest junior engineer salary imaginable right away, don't worry - junior engineer positions still offer decent remuneration to build upon. On average, a junior engineer can expect to earn about $56,127 per year according to PayScale [1]. It's crucial to remember that with hard work, dedication, and experience, your junior engineer salary will only go up from there! So, as a junior engineer, understanding your junior engineer salary is essential for your career growth and financial stability. Keep in mind that negotiating your junior engineer salary is also an important aspect when starting your career. Researching industry standards and benchmarking junior engineer salaries can help you determine your worth in the job.

What's the average Engineer salary across various fields?

At this point, you might be curious about the average engineer salary across different fields as engineers gain experience and establish themselves in their careers.The Bureau of Labor Statistics [2] suggests that the average annual wage for all engineering occupations lies around $81,000. However, figures will vary depending on the specialisation - electrical engineers make approximately $101,250 per year while civil engineers average close to $87,060.

Chemical Engineering

Professionals working in the pharmaceutical, energy, and chemical industries typically earn an average annual income of around $105,550 which contributes to the average engineer's salary [3].

  • Companies like Dow Chemical or Pfizer Inc. often seek skilled chemical engineers for their expertise.

Electrical Engineering

As mentioned earlier, electrical engineers are well-compensated with salaries averaging about $101,780 per year [4].

  •   Prospects include working for industry giants like General Electric or Texas Instruments.

Civil Engineering

Those focusing on the design, construction, and maintenance of infrastructure projects can expect an average yearly wage close to $88,050 [5].

  •  Options range from government agencies to private firms such as AECOM or Bechtel Corporation.

Raking in monthly income - Engineer salary per month

How does an engineer's salary play out on a monthly basis in terms of engineer salary per month? Let's break it down using the annual averages discussed earlier. If we go by the aforementioned median annual wage of $81,000 [6], you could be looking at a monthly income of around $6,750 before taxes and other deductions. It's important to note that factors such as location and industry can impact these figures and the engineer salary per month may vary accordingly.

Woman wearing glasses and using a computer in a computer laboratoy

The power of a degree - Bachelor Engineering salary expectations

A strong foundation is essential for launching a successful career in engineering - which is where obtaining a bachelor's degree comes in! Armed with your newly minted degree and considering the broad averages discussed above, starting bachelor engineering salaries can range from $50,000 to upwards of $80,000 per year [7]. This serves as a promising beginning for a lifelong engineering career.

As an aspiring engineer, understanding your future earning potential in terms of bachelor engineering salary is crucial when considering which field to specialise in and whether or not to move abroad for career advancement. Remember to be patient and trust that with time, experience, and dedication, you have the power to reach these income goals! Which engineering specialty will you choose to pursue with the aim of maximizing your bachelor engineering salary?

A bachelor's degree in engineering from International University of Applied Sciences (IU) can provide you with valuable skills and knowledge to excel in your engineering career. With IU's dedicated engineering programs, you can gain a strong foundation in your chosen field and develop practical expertise that is highly sought after in the industry. The curriculum at IU is designed to equip students with real-world insights and hands-on experience, ensuring they are well-prepared for the challenges of the engineering profession. By obtaining an engineering bachelor's degree from IU, you can enhance your career prospects and potentially command a competitive bachelor engineering salary.

What are the highest paying Engineering jobs?

When it comes to earning top dollar in the engineering world, some fields stand out above the rest as the highest paying engineering jobs. According to recent data, professionals in these top-tier positions receive significantly higher compensation than their peers:

Petroleum Engineers

With an average annual salary of around $137,000 [8], this field serves as one of the most lucrative options for engineers. The oil and gas industry offers substantial earning potential for petroleum engineers.

Computer Hardware Engineers

Experiencing rapid growth due to increasing advancements in technology, computer hardware engineers also boast high salaries – averaging at about $117,000 per year according to Indeed [9]. Their expertise in designing and developing computer hardware components contributes to their spot as one of the highest paying engineering jobs.

Aerospace Engineers

These professionals can expect median pay upwards of $116,500 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics [10].

Working for industry giants like Apple Inc., SpaceX, or Chevron Corporation could increase your likelihood of landing a position with high earning potential within these fields. So dream big and aim for the stars when pursuing the highest paying engineering jobs!

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Salaries in Germany

Engineering salary perspectives in Germany

When considering moving to Germany to pursue your engineering career, it's essential to understand the engineering salary expectations within this thriving economy. In this section, we dive deeper into the average engineer salary in Germany, providing insights into the remuneration you can expect in this European powerhouse. German engineering salaries offer a competitive advantage that attracts professionals from around the world, reflecting the country's robust engineering industry and high living standards. By exploring the highest paying engineering jobs in Germany, you can gain a clearer picture of the earning potential and opportunities that await you in this dynamic and innovative engineering landscape.

Average Engineer salary in Germany

Germany is renowned for its strong focus on manufacturing and technology, making it an attractive destination for engineers. When it comes to the average engineer salary in Germany, professionals in this field can expect competitive compensation. According to Sokanu [11], the average engineer salary in Germany ranges from €50,000 to €65,000 ($58,500 - $76,000) annually. 

These figures place the German job market in an appealing position, especially when compared to salaries in other European countries or worldwide. The high demand for engineers, coupled with Germany's robust industrial sector, creates ample opportunities for ambitious engineers to thrive and excel in their careers while enjoying a competitive average engineer salary in Germany.

In addition to the attractive engineering opportunities in Germany, it's important to consider the advantages of pursuing an engineering degree at International University of Applied Sciences (IU). IU offers a practical and industry-oriented education, providing students with hands-on experiences and real-world skills that are highly valued by employers. This practical approach prepares IU graduates to seamlessly transition into the workforce and contribute effectively to engineering projects. IU also offers online programs for flexible and accessible education.

Furthermore, IU boasts a high employment rate for its engineering graduates. The university's strong industry connections and career development support ensure that students have access to a wide range of job opportunities upon graduation. Employers recognize the quality of education and practical training provided by IU, making IU graduates highly sought after in the job market.

Another significant benefit for international students studying engineering in Germany is the opportunity to stay in Germany after graduation on campus. Germany offers a 6-month visa extension to graduates, allowing them ample time to search for employment and secure a job in their field. This post-graduation visa provision enables students to explore career prospects and contribute to the German workforce, enhancing their professional growth and prospects for a fulfilling engineering career.

By choosing to pursue an engineering degree at IU, you not only gain a practical education and access to high-quality employment opportunities but also benefit from the advantages of the German job market and the support provided to international graduates in securing employment after graduation.

Top-Paying Engineering jobs in Germany

Certain engineering professions in Germany stand out for their high earning potential. These roles offer competitive salaries and are in demand across various industries. Here are some of the highest paying engineering jobs in Germany, along with notable companies that hire talented engineers:

A man with a white helmet, holding a tablet in a car factory

Automotive Engineering

Germany is home to iconic automotive brands – expertise in this field is highly sought after and compensated accordingly.

  • BMW: With average salaries of around $119,889 per year [12].
  • Volkswagen: Engineers here can expect to earn on average about $89,484 annually [13].
Woman with dreadlocks and yellow sweater sitting in a front of a computer

Computer Software Engineering

The demand for skilled software engineers continues to grow with digitization driving business.

  • SAP: IT professionals at this software giant receive an average annual salary between €63,000-€84,000 ($74,000-$98,730) depending on their role [14].
  • Siemens: Engineers working here could expect an annual paycheck between €59,500-€78,1000 ($70,800-$92,200) [15].
A man and a woman, holding a laptop, in a software room


As communications networks and infrastructure become more sophisticated; there's a constant need for talented telecom engineers securing their spot as one of the highest paying engineering jobs in Germany .

  • Deutsche Telekom: Professionals earn up to €70,000 ($82,300) per year on average within this industry leader [16].
  • Vodafone Germany: Another major telecommunications employer, Vodafone Germany offers average salaries of around €70,000 ($82,300) per year [17].
A woman is in an outdoor area holding a laptop

Healthcare and Medical Engineering

This vital industry requires engineers with specialized skills to help develop life-saving technology and medical equipment.

  • Bayer AG: Engineers in this pharmaceutical giant can expect an annual salary of $123,594 [18].
  • Siemens Healthineers: Offering competitive remuneration packages for engineers working on cutting-edge medical technologies with average salaries estimated at $101,343 per year [19].

Fields like automotive engineering (with companies such as BMW and Volkswagen), computer software engineering (key players including SAP and Siemens), and telecommunications (think Deutsche Telekom) lead the way when it comes to lucrative career options with salaries often surpassing €70,000 ($82,000) per year.

Salaries in South Africa

Explore Engineering salaries in South Africa

The landscape of engineering opportunities in South Africa is diverse, with several industries offering rewarding salary packages. Let's dive into three examples of highly sought-after engineering positions within the country and the average engineering salary in South Africa.

Mining Engineering

With South Africa being a global leader in mineral production, skilled mining engineers are vital to the industry. Engineers can expect an average annual income of around ZAR 600,000 ($42,500) [28].

  • Opportunities with established firms like Anglo American or Rio Tinto offer attractive pay packages for mining engineers.

Energy Engineering

The renewable energy sector is rapidly growing, demanding proficient energy engineers who can create innovative solutions.

  • Engineers working at acclaimed companies such as Eskom or Sasol enjoy competitive yearly salaries ranging between ZAR 400,000-800,000 ($28k-$57k) [29].

Telecommunications Engineering

Engineers focusing on network infrastructure contribute significantly to South Africa's fast-paced telecommunications industry.

  •  Major telecom giants like MTN Group or Vodacom offer attractive annual remuneration packages from ZAR 420,000 to over ZAR 680,000 ($29k-$48k) [30].

The peak of Engineering paychecks – South Africa’s highest paying jobs

Estimates by Payscale [31] indicate that engineers from specific branches earn the spt as the highest paying engineering jobs in South Africa. Top-paying fields include electrical engineering (with companies such as Sasol and Eskom), environment/civil engineering (working with organizations like ACSA or AECOM), and mechanical engineering (in key industries such as automotive or aerospace).

These professionals can expect lucrative salaries averaging between ZAR 400,000-800,000 ($28k-57k) annually.

Engineering Management

Boost your worth with Engineering Management salary

Are you an engineering professional looking to take your career to new heights? Have you considered the potential of pursuing a management role in your field? An engineering management position brings new challenges and growth opportunities. Engineering management salaries are also usually higher than average engineering salaries.

  •  Importance of Engineering Management: Engineering management combines the technical expertise of engineers with the strategic and organizational skills required to lead projects, teams, and organizations. This unique blend of skills is highly sought after by top companies in various industries such as tech, automotive, and energy.

The Earning Potential: According to a salary survey conducted by the Engineering Management Institute, the median engineering management salary was $137,000 in 2020, significantly higher than the average engineer's earnings [32].

A man, wearing a blue helmet and holding a tablet, checks a production

Here are three specific examples of engineering management roles and their average salary:

1. Production Engineering Manager: This role typically involves overseeing the manufacturing process, managing production teams, and optimizing efficiency. According to Payscale [33], a Production Engineering Manager can earn an average salary of $93,000 per year.

2. Chief Technology Officer (CTO): A CTO is responsible for defining and implementing the technology strategy for an organization, ensuring that the company remains competitive and innovative. Payscale [34] reports that an experienced CTO can earn an average salary of $163,000 per year.

3. Senior Engineering Project Manager: This focused role entails leading complex engineering projects, navigating budgets, timelines, and teamwork efficiently. According to Glassdoor [35], a Senior Engineering Project Manager earns an average salary of $119,000 per year.

How a Master's degree in Engineering Management can boost your salary

If you're passionate about both engineering and management and have your sights set on maximizing your earning potential, a Master's degree in Engineering Management might be the perfect choice for you. This advanced degree will equip you with the specialized knowledge and skills to excel in managerial roles, in addition to opening doors to higher-paying opportunities.

  • The Value of a Master's Degree: A study conducted by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce [36] showed that those with a Master's degree in engineering earned a median wage of $111,000 per year, compared to $92,000 for those with a Bachelor's degree.
Man crossing arms, wearing glasses, in a laboratory

Here are three examples of how a Master's in Engineering Management can increase your salary:

1. More Senior Roles: Upon completing a Master's degree, graduates often qualify for more senior engineering management positions, typically resulting in higher salaries. For example, a Senior Engineering Project Manager with a Master's typically earns around $130,000 per year [37], compared to an average salary of $119,000 for those without the advanced degree.

2. Greater Flexibility: A Master's degree in Engineering Management can open up opportunities with consulting firms or freelance work, allowing for a more flexible work-life balance and potentially higher earnings.

3. Career Advancement: The knowledge and skills gained from a Master's program enable you to progress rapidly in your career, further increasing your salary and overall job satisfaction over time.

International University of Applied Sciences (IU) offers a master's degree in Engineering Management. This program combines engineering principles with business and management skills, preparing graduates for leadership roles in engineering organizations. With an Engineering Management bachelor's degree from IU, you can pursue a career that blends technical expertise with strategic decision-making and project management. This diverse skill set opens doors to a wide range of job opportunities, including roles such as engineering project manager or operations manager.


Which engineering discipline has the highest salary?

Among the various engineering disciplines, petroleum engineering is known to offer some of the highest salaries globally. This field involves the exploration, extraction, and production of oil and gas resources, which can be financially rewarding due to the high demand for these resources.

What is the starting salary after engineering?

The average Entry Level Engineer salary in the United States is $62,263, but the salary range typically falls between $49,126 and $81,382. Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications and additional skills.

How much does an Engineer make in India?

The salary of an engineer in India can vary widely depending on factors such as the engineering discipline, experience level, location, industry, and company size. The average engineer salary in India is ₹ 800,000 per year or ₹ 321 per hour. Entry-level positions start at ₹ 400,000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to ₹ 2,084,615 per year.

What is the salary of a software engineer?

The salary of a software engineer can vary depending on factors such as experience, location, company size, and industry. In general, software engineers tend to earn competitive salaries due to the high demand for their skills. The estimated total pay for a Software Engineer is $107,517 per year in the United States area, with an average salary of $91,010 per year.

Which engineering discipline has the highest salary in india?

In India, petroleum engineering is often considered to have the highest salary potential. This field involves the exploration, extraction, and processing of oil and gas resources. Due to the significance of the energy sector and the demand for skilled professionals, petroleum engineers in India can earn lucrative salaries compared to other engineering disciplines.

Which engineering discipline has the highest salary in the world?

Petroleum engineering is widely regarded as the engineering discipline with the highest salary potential worldwide. This field involves the exploration, extraction, and production of oil and gas resources, which are crucial for various industries globally. The demand for petroleum engineers, coupled with the complexity of their work, often leads to high salaries and attractive compensation packages. However, it's important to note that salary levels can vary based on factors such as location, industry, experience, and economic conditions.

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