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M.A. Marketing Management

Nienke Baas

"The international perspective that I developed during my studies at IU helps me tremendously in my everyday professional life."

With ambition, drive and commitment to success - IU (formerly known as IUBH)-Alumna Nienke Baas fulfilled her dream of working for a multinational company: Immediately after graduating, she joined Nestlé Professional as Junior Brand Manager, where she is responsible for brand management of the food service brands.

Determination and passion led to success

Parallel to studying for my master’s degree at IU (formerly known as IUBH), I worked part-time as a student-worker in the marketing department of Foodora. I also worked as a brand manager and consultant for the Broderick's Brothers, a family-run cookie brand based in Dublin. I was part of the team responsible for the successful launch of the brand in the Dutch market. I continued to advise Broderick's on how to continue their success in the Netherlands. Additionally, I wrote my master's thesis for Broderick's: I investigated how the company could successfully establish its brand in the German market. I completed my master's degree summa cum laude and won the Best Academic Performance Award. What helped me to do all this? Firstly, I believe that you can achieve whatever you want if you make a firm commitment and are willing to dedicate yourself to it. Secondly, I have a true passion for marketing and brands.

First the IU degree, then the dream job

Immediately after completing my master's degree at IU (formerly known as IUBH), I achieved my dream of joining a multinational company: I applied online for a vacancy at Nestlé and passed the multi-stage recruitment process. I now work as Junior Brand Manager for Nestlé Professional where I manage their food service brands, including CHEF, Maggi Professional, Garden Gourmet and Buitoni. My responsibilities include commercial marketing and brand communication. My focus is on online marketing, project and event management, activations, promotions and the development and implementation of brand campaigns.

Marketing and communication with international focus

The international perspective that I developed during my studies at IU (formerly known as IUBH) helps me tremendously in my everyday professional life. During my master's degree programme I learned how international companies work strategically and how they operate locally. Every country, every market, every target group is different and requires a specific marketing and communication strategy. Studying at IU (formerly known as IUBH) provides an opportunity to develop the ability to work with people from different cultures - after all, students come from all over the world. In addition, the marketing curriculum in particular covers a wide range of subjects, but at the same time goes into depth and combines theory with practice.

IU (formerly known as IUBH) also has excellent professors who really make the university as great as it is. In general, my tip for career planning is this: try to find out what your true passion is and try to integrate it into your studies and career. Simply love what you do, so you can do what you love!