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MBA Supply Chain Management (Specialisation)

Mohammad Ajan Jalilzad

"To study at a renowned university like IU and in a country like Germany means quality for us Afghans. Without the IU scholarship, I would not have started my education and would never have studied my desired subject."

I wanted to have an education that is different from our national one to be able to see the world differently. Since I work here in Kabul, I have the opportunity through IU to study my desired subject, Supply Chain Management, which is not available in Kabul, neither online nor offline. 

A great career opportunity with a new experience

Mohammad Ajan Jalilzad worked in procurement management at the company 77 Construction in Afghanistan. To advance in his career, he had a desire to develop professionally and improve his key skills in supply management. He dreamed of getting a different education from the one available to him at the national level, to get a different view of the world.

Since he was already working in his field, Mohammad wanted to further his education by studying at IU International University of Applied Sciences. He took his personal savings and created an opportunity for himself to start something new with the online MBA programme in Supply Chain Management at IU.

"Since the MBA is related to administration, the subject of leadership which I'm learning is more relevant to my day-to-day affairs."

The friendly interface of myCampus, the rich online library, the English language course options for his area of interest and the fair price IU offered, made life easier for him to get a little closer to his goals.

Mohammad chose the MBA programme because of its focus on business administration and leadership, two topics that are important to his everyday professional life.

To manage his online studies alongside his job, he formed a daily routine: he woke up early every morning, studied until 7:00 am local time. On the way to his job and on the way back home, he watched study-related videos. Between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. he studied on myCampus, with the course book and additional materials. During the day, when he went outside, he memorised new words and technical terms. This was his routine every day.

One step closer to his dream career

Mohammad firmly believes that his German degree will help him a lot in business. He also believes that despite of the fact that there are local universities in Afghanistan that offer MBAs, obtaining a German degree will help him achieve his goal of working for UN agencies in the future, because they will attach great importance to the university he has studied in.

During his studies, he has seen IU graduates working in UN organisations all over the world. Therefore, Mohammad knows that he is on the right track. Because of its quality, reputation, and reliability, he is grateful that IU is giving him the opportunity to fulfil his ambitions.