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B.A. International Management

Max Euler

"My degree programme at IU gave me the tools to start my own business."

Turning a hobby into a profession – IU (formerly known as IUBH) alumnus Max Euler realised this dream when he founded R3PREZ3NT, an agency focused on professional gamers and corporate consulting. He developed the concept during his studies at IU (formerly known as IUBH) and wrote his bachelor’s thesis on eSports.

The desire to turn my hobby into a profession was the main reason for starting my company R3PREZ3NT. I first encountered eSports as a teenager and was instantly excited to see people playing video games in competition with each other. I came up with the idea of starting my own eSports company after doing an internship at FNATIC in London, one of the largest eSports teams in the world. This is where I got my first exposure to the business side of the industry.

Use eSports effectively as a sponsorship and marketing tool

During the last semester of my bachelor’s degree programme in international management at IU (formerly known as IUBH), I started to make concrete plans. I wrote my bachelor’s thesis on “The Value of eSports Sponsorship”. Based on this thesis and together with my long-time friend Moritz Straube, we developed a concept for improving eSports products. The result of our efforts was creating a consulting agency for professional players and companies in the eSports industry who are seeking advice.

We are currently developing workshops targeted for eSports players on topics such as personal branding, sponsorship and use of social media. Through short workshops, we also want to give companies insights about the world of eSports so they can see the potential of this booming industry. On the one hand, my job is to support our players and scout for new talent, and on the other hand, to support our company clients and their new acquisitions. My work involves tasks in marketing, sales, finance and many other areas. We have more plans for the future: in the next two years, we want to develop the company further and expand our services in Europe. At the end of this phase, we will re-evaluate the market and then determine our next steps.

Studying at IU paved the way for my professional life and sel-employment

My international management studies at IU (formerly known as IUBH) IUBH gave me the basic tools to start my own business. The mixture of theory and practical case studies prepared me well for the professional world. The wide range of courses enabled me to learn many facets of the business world. Project-based work, learning in small groups, close contact with professors and a focus on learning hard and soft skills – all of these features of my IU (formerly known as IUBH) education now benefit me directly in my career.