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M.A. International Management

Arslan Tabraiz Tariq

"Stay motivated, stay consistent and be open in your mind and heart."

Arslan-Tabraiz Tariq has worked as a human resource manager, a managing director and as director of international sales and marketing activities. He always had the desire to study in Germany, because of its culture and the status of its highly ranked universities. 

Arslan created the opportunity for himself to move from his hometown in Pakistan to Germany. He intended to make many new contacts, get to know different industries and gain practical experience during his studies. IU International University of Applied Sciences was his ticket to making all of that happen. He was excited to come to Berlin for his studies to get an international experience that has made him who he is today.

"Stay motivated, stay consistent and be open in your mind and heart." 

Arslan studied for a Master’s degree of International Management. The programme’s field trips to businesses helped him translate the theoretical knowledge he learned into practical experience, something he says is still helping him today. 

He is now a businessman, and since graduating, has worked as an international sales coordinator with international agents, in international sales and in business development.  

Personal development and international exchange 

What Arslan liked most about studying at IU in Germany was that it helped him and his fellow students find their way into different organisations, depending on their skills and abilities. He had chosen to study at the Berlin campus because he wanted to experience Berlin’s culture, a decision he is still very happy that he made. 

For Arslan, studying at the IU campus was one of the best experiences of his life. Studying at IU in Germany gave him the opportunity to fulfil his desire to get to know German culture better, to make international contacts and to gain insights into different industries. These experiences still help him a lot in his professional and private life today.