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Welcome to IU International University of Applied Sciences! We provide students all over the world with everything you need to study anytime, anywhere.

Whether you’re looking for a distance learning programme to study online at home, or you want to experience university life on campus, we have programmes for both.

The majority of our programmes are available fully online with options for part-time studies and generous scholarships: so, you can find a degree that suits your learning style and situation. 100,000 students already study with us—we hope you will too.


  • Complete flexibility: Study any time on any device
  • Affordable: Flexible monthly payments
  • Choose a time model which suits your lifestyle

On campus

  • Study in small groups in close contact with your lecturer
  • Work in and explore Germany with a hybrid study model
  • Apply for an 18-month post-study work visa for after you graduate

Your degree summed up

All the important details about the programmes

Master ECTS credits
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence 60
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision 60
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence and NLP 60
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence for Supply Chain Management 60
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence in Automotive 60
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence in FinTech 60
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare 60
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence in Marketing and E-Commerce 60
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence in Production 60
M.Sc. - Artificial Intelligence 120
M.Sc. - Business & IT 60/120
M.Sc. - Business Intelligence 60/120
M.Sc. - Computer Science 120
M.Sc. - Cyber Security 120
M.Sc. - Data Management 60/120
M.Sc. - Data Science 60/120
M.Sc. - DevOps and Cloud Computing 120
M.Sc. - DevOps and Cloud Computing Management 60
M.A. - Digital Innovation & Intrapreneurship 60
M.A. - Digital Marketing 60/120
M.A. - Digital Product Management 60
M.Eng. - Engineering Management 60
M.Sc. - Finance, Accounting & Taxation 120
M.A. - Growth Hacking 120
M.A. - Growth Hacking for Entrepreneurs 60
M.A. - Human Resource Management 60/120
M.Sc. - Industrial and Organizational Psychology 60/120
M.A. - Information Technology Management 60/120
M.A. - Innovation & Entrepreneurship 120
M.A. - International Healthcare Management 60/120
M.A. - International Management 60/120
M.A. - Management + Majors 60
M.A. - Marketing Management 60/120
M.A. - Product Management 120
M.A. - Project Management 60/120
Study model

Bachelor: 180 ECTS credits
Master: 120 ECTS credits or 60 ECTS credits
MBA: 90 or 60 ECTS credits

Study format: Online / On Campus

Duration of study

Bachelor: From 36 months
Master/MBA: From 12 months

Part time models available


For pricing and more information about your study programme, request free information


All study programmes are accredited in line with German and European standards


All Degrees: English Skills

Bachelor: High School Certificate

Master: Completed Undergraduate Degree

MBA: Completed Undergraduate Degree
One Year of Work Experience

Flexible payment options

Depending on your study model, you can pay on a monthly, semester, or yearly basis.

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Our degrees are supervised and accredited to match international education standards, and are therefore recognised around the world. 

Your studies at IU are designed to offer the best value for your future career: 

  • Practical work-skills 
  • Industry proven experience 
  • Latest professional developments 

An IU degree is proof for any potential employer that you’re ready to excel in your area of expertise. 

That’s why 94% of IU graduates find a job within 3 months of graduating.

Accredited, globally recognised degrees

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This is what our students say

  • “I've had a functional leadership role for a while, but I lacked business skills. The MBA program has given me useful insights into business management and prepares me well to take on a role in Business leadership.”

    Vikrant Lokhande

    MBA, India

  • “In addition to growing as an IT professional, I also want to develop professionally in the area of IT business. This gives me the perfect balance between IT and Business.”

    Reon Smith

    Bachelor Business and IT, South Africa

  • “My experience with IU helped me in my career in a number of areas.”

    Anita Wandinger