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Are online studies right for you?

Online degrees offer many of the same advantages as traditional in-person degrees, with the added benefit of flexibility and accessibility. IU's online study model lets you choose where and how you want to study and find a course specialisation that suits your career goals.

At IU, every second of your time matters. Whether you're balancing family, career or embarking on a new adventure, our online programmes fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.

  • Choose from 50+ accredited & globally recognised programmes.
  • Study at your own pace – full-time or part-time.
  • Experience a high-tech learning environment with our digital study platform, proprietary mobile app and AI-powered learning assistant.
  • Take your exams online 24/7, throughout the year.
  • Get 1:1 support from our team of career and study experts dedicated to your success.

Have prior work experience or learning? Don't let it go to waste. Get them recognised and save both time and resources.

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Your degree options:

Choose from 50+ distance learning Bachelor’s, Master’s and MBA programmes 

Study model

Bachelor: 180 ECTS credits
Master: 60 or 120 ECTS credits
MBA: 60 or 90 ECTS credits

Language: English

Duration of study

Bachelor: Regular study period 36 months
Master: Regular study period 24 or 12 months
MBA: Regular study period 12 or 18 months

Different time models
Start your studies at anytime

Tuition fees

Starting from US$ 261US$ 426 now US$ 241US$ 405 with discount* per month.

(*Discount available)


Completed undergraduate degree

Degrees offered at IU

Master ECTS credits
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence 60
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision 60
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence and NLP 60
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence for Supply Chain Management 60
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence in Automotive 60
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence in FinTech 60
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare 60
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence in Marketing and E-Commerce 60
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence in Production 60
M.Sc. - Artificial Intelligence 120
M.Sc. - Business & IT 60/120
M.Sc. - Business Intelligence 60/120
M.Sc. - Computer Science 120
M.Sc. - Cyber Security 120
M.Sc. - Data Management 60/120
M.Sc. - Data Science 60/120
M.Sc. - DevOps and Cloud Computing 120
M.Sc. - DevOps and Cloud Computing Management 60
M.A. - Digital Innovation & Intrapreneurship 60
M.A. - Digital Marketing 60/120
M.A. - Digital Product Management 60
M.Eng. - Engineering Management 60
M.Sc. - Finance, Accounting & Taxation 120
M.A. - Growth Hacking 120
M.A. - Growth Hacking for Entrepreneurs 60
M.A. - Human Resource Management 60/120
M.Sc. - Industrial and Organizational Psychology 60/120
M.A. - Information Technology Management 60/120
M.A. - Innovation & Entrepreneurship 120
M.A. - International Healthcare Management 60/120
M.A. - International Management 60/120
M.A. - Management + Majors 60
M.A. - Marketing Management 60/120
M.A. - Product Management 120
M.A. - Project Management 60/120

Make the best choice for your career- get your degree from IU:

100% Flexible & Online

Study when and where it suits you with our fully online degree programmes. Whether full-time or part-time, benefit from our flexible learning schedules, online exams, and full support throughout your studies.

Accredited & Globally Recognised

IU is accredited by the German Accreditation Council and is internationally recognised. Our rigorous quality standards ensure your degree holds weight globally.

Full Support For Success

Take advantage of a wealth of resources, including innovative learning tools, digital materials, tutorial videos and 24/7 access to our online library. Our team of tutors and study coaches are also ready to help at any time.

The Ideal Mix of Theory & Practice

Get the perfect balance of theoretical knowledge and practical study at IU. Our variety of programme specialisations lets you tailor your study to your career goals.

What our students say about us

Find out more about Matvey Vlasenko’s experience studying a remote Bachelor of Business and IT online in English at IU. Hear why Matvey believes IU is the best choice for distance learning in English.

Business & IT - Matvey Vlasenko

"If you want to study remotely, in English and not pay a lot – compared to other universities – IU is the best choice. It’s the only university that answers all three criteria."

Digital Business - Celine Rieder

"My online studies are easy to combine with swimming practices because it is completely free of time and location restraints. This great flexibility lets me study easily between workouts."

In this video, our IU Interviewer and moderator, Leonie, speaks with Master of Business Administration online student, Simon Zandberg, who just recently started his Distance Learning studies at IU while also living and working in the Netherlands. Simon finds the combination of practical and theoretical skills to be helpful for his career. Find out more about why Simon chose to do his postgraduate studies at IU.

MBA - Simon Zandberg

"An MBA offers the most practical skills you should have to get out there – you combine theories with practice. I definitely think it will help me get the management roles that I want in the future."

Your career success story begins at IU

Step into a brighter future and join our community of graduates who are thriving in their careers all around the world. With IU's internationally accredited programmes, you'll gain an academic qualification alongside:

  • Coveted skills highly valued in the job market
  • Experience from practical projects reflecting real-world scenarios
  • Expertise in the latest industry trends and developments

Earning an IU degree sends a strong signal to employers: you possess the knowledge, skills, and drive to excel in your field. That's why 94% of IU graduates secure a job within three months post-graduation. Unlock your potential at IU - your launchpad to career success.


Our Partners

To protect education during global disruptions, UNESCO made the Global Education Coalition. IU is proud to be its first European university member.

As the world’s best CRM platform, Salesforce plays a key role in business. So we teamed up to develop specialised Salesforce career courses.

Whichever path you choose, LinkedIn can get you started with a career certification. And IU allows students to convert them into academic credits.

Singularity empowers leaders to leverage exponential technology. Together, we’ve developed applied science programmes to shape future industries.