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Welcome to IU International University of Applied Sciences!

With over 20 years of experience teaching on campus and online students, IU is currently Germany’s largest university with over 100,000 students from across the globe. We understand that applying for education from an international university is not always easy, this is why when you apply to study with us you are assigned a personal study advisor who will guide you through the application process, and if needed, help you pick the right study programme and study option. All our programmes are state-accredited in Germany and recognized internationally, so you can choose to work in India or internationally armed with a degree that fulfills the German quality promise. You can study online from the comfort of your home or while stuck in a traffic jam!

94% Job success

Our practice-oriented study programmes prepare you for your future career. This is why 94% of IU graduates find a job within 3 months after graduation.

96% Recommendation rate

At IU you get a high-quality degree from Germany’s largest university. But what makes us even prouder, is that 96% of our students think so too.

100% Flexibility

With IU you choose what, how and where you study. And depending on your preferred study format you can even start your first step towards your new career right away.

The 1st German university to be the member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU)

IU is the 1st German university to be the member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU)

Online studies that suit your circumstances

Our interactive and innovative digital tools and proprietary learning platform are always just a click away. Have you already completed a training course, studied at a university, or gained work experience? At IU you have the opportunity to get your previous achievements recognised, completely free of charge. By doing so, you can save valuable time and reduce tuition fees.

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Your degree summed up

All the important details about the programmes

Study Model

Bachelor: 180 ECTS credits
Master: 60 or 120 ECTS credits
MBA: 60 or 90 ECTS credits

Field of study

Data & IT 
Business & Management 
Engineering & Technology 
Marketing & Communication 
Hospitality & Aviation 
Health & Social Care

Admission Requirements

All Degrees: English Skills (IELTS 6, TOEFL 80, Speexx B2.2)

Bachelor: Secondary school diploma
Master: Completed undergraduate degree
MBA: Completed undergraduate degree and one year of work experience


100% English

Duration of study

Bachelor: Regular study period 36 months
Master: Regular study period 12 or 24 months
MBA: Regular study period 12 or 18 months
Different time models
Start your studies at anytime

Tuition fees

Bachelor from €375 €124/month
equals about ₹11,086 per month*

Master from €489 €161/month
equals about ₹14,456 per month*

MBA from €555 €183/month
equals about ₹16,408 per month*

*based on the exchange rate from 01.07.2023 09:05 AM (CEST)

Master ECTS credits
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence 60
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision 60
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence and NLP 60
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence for Supply Chain Management 60
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence in Automotive 60
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence in FinTech 60
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare 60
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence in Marketing and E-Commerce 60
M.Sc. - Applied Artificial Intelligence in Production 60
M.Sc. - Artificial Intelligence 120
M.Sc. - Business & IT 60/120
M.Sc. - Business Intelligence 60/120
M.Sc. - Computer Science 120
M.Sc. - Cyber Security 120
M.Sc. - Data Management 60/120
M.Sc. - Data Science 60/120
M.Sc. - DevOps and Cloud Computing 120
M.Sc. - DevOps and Cloud Computing Management 60
M.A. - Digital Innovation & Intrapreneurship 60
M.A. - Digital Marketing 60/120
M.A. - Digital Product Management 60
M.Eng. - Engineering Management 60
M.Sc. - Finance, Accounting & Taxation 120
M.A. - Growth Hacking 120
M.A. - Growth Hacking for Entrepreneurs 60
M.A. - Human Resource Management 60/120
M.Sc. - Industrial and Organizational Psychology 60/120
M.A. - Information Technology Management 60/120
M.A. - Innovation & Entrepreneurship 120
M.A. - International Healthcare Management 60/120
M.A. - International Management 60/120
M.A. - Management + Majors 60
M.A. - Marketing Management 60/120
M.A. - Product Management 120
M.A. - Project Management 60/120

Our study programmes include the following benefits

  • Take exams online
  • Study materials
  • Free extension of study period
  • Access to partner network
  • Online library as well as podcasts and videos
  • Flexible payment options
  • Correction and assessment of mudule exams
  • Online forums
  • Support and career services

What our Students Say:

  • “You can participate in IU events and establish an excellent network. My career proves it: networking is the key to success!”

    Sandip Vinodray Modha

    MBA - Master of Business Administration, India

  • “The mixture of applicability, quality, and internationality at IU is just right – I would highly recommend studying at IU to anyone.”

    Monika Suryavanshi Ph.D.

    M.A. International Healthcare Management, India

  • “There was a variety of factors that attracted me to IU: their English Master programmes, and I loved their commitment to small-group teaching, the practice-oriented ethos, and the internationality of the campus environment.”

    Joseph Inba Raj

    M.A. International Human Resource Management, India

  • “I am Indian by descent but raised across 3 continents. Staying in Germany allowed me to gain valuable insights into the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance in order to optimize your personal and professional goals.”

    Kunal Saigal

    MBA - International Business (Finance Specialisation), India

  • “My experience with IU has been very rewarding and satisfying. I started my course in January 2020 and. . . the world was about to be engulfed in wrath of the pandemic. I was very fortunate as my course was online and my studies were least affected.”

    Nirupam Sakar

    MBA, India

  • “IU is the best when it comes to high-quality education at affordable prices. I can study and take exams own pace. By taking courses based in practical learning, I feel better prepared for my future as a data scientist.”

    Nagrajan R.

    M.Sc. Data Science, India

Accredited & Globally Recognised Degrees

QS Stars
IT and Engineering

Prof. Dr. Alexander Lawall

Professor of: B.Sc. + M.Sc. Cyber Security

A professor of cyber security at IU. Among other roles he has fulfilled in the private sector, he was the head of information security management at the REHAU Group.

More details

Prof. Dr. Alexander Lawall is the director of the Bachelor and Master courses in Cyber Security at IU University of Applied Sciences, and a professor of cyber security. His focus is on system and network security, the security of web applications and cloud technology, security in relation to the Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial information technology.

After obtaining his PhD from the Technical University of Dresden, Alexander Lawall turned to work in the private sector as an information security specialist / architect, later advancing to a leading global position as the head of information security management at the REHAU Group.

In addition, he has conducted regular academic research work in the fields of information and cyber security, and his work has been published in international scientific publications. His research focus is on topics related to Industry 4.0, IoT and rights management.

Selected publications:

Alexander Lawall. Hypergraph-Based Access Control Using Organizational Models and Formal Language Expressions – HGAC. In Markus Helfert, Andreas Holzinger, Orlando Belo, and Chiara Francalanci, editors, Data Management Technologies and Applications - Fourth International Conference, DATA 2015, Colmar, Alsace, France, July 20-22, 2015, Revised Selected Papers, Communications in Computer and Information Science. Springer International Publishing, 2016.

Alexander Lawall, Dominik Reichelt, and Thomas Schaller. Resource Management and Authorization for Cloud Services. In Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Subject-Oriented Business Process Management, S-BPM ONE ’15, pages 18:1–18:8, New York, NY, USA, 2015. ACM.

Alexander Lawall, Thomas Schaller, and Dominik Reichelt. Restricted Relations between Organizations for Cross-Organizational Processes. In 2014 IEEE 16th Conference on Business Informatics (CBI), volume 2, pages 74–80, July 2014.

Alexander Lawall, Thomas Schaller, and Dominik Reichelt. Cross-Organizational and Context-Sensitive Modelling of Organizational Dependencies in C-ORG. In S-BPM ONE (Scientific Research), pages 89–109, Heidelberg, 2014. Springer-Verlag.

Alexander Lawall, Dominik Reichelt, and Thomas Schaller. Propagation of Agents to Trusted Organizations. In 2014 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Joint Conferences on Web Intelligence (WI) and Intelligent Agent Technologies (IAT), volume 3, pages 433–439, Aug 2014.

Finance and Management

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Sälzer

Professor of: MBA Finance & Accounting

An experienced tenured professor, and a well-established private sector manager, with over two decades of experience in different business positions, from working in finance and controlling to managerial roles in telecommunications, IT and cleantech companies.

More details

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Sälzer teaches business administration and corporate finance at IU University of Applied Sciences. In addition, he has been appointed as study programme director of the IU online study programmes Controlling M.A. and Financial Management B.A. Gerhard Sälzer is both an experienced tenured professor, and a well-established private sector manager, with over two decades of experience in different business positions, from working in finance and controlling to managerial roles in telecommunications, IT and cleantech companies. 

He began his professional career in 1995, at the telecommunications branch of the RWE Group. Between the years 2000 and 2010 he was the chief financial officer of several venture capital and private equity financed telecommunications companies. Also in 2000, he co-founded and acted as CFO of a start-up that was later acquired by Deutsche Bank. Since 2010, he has been working as an advisor to various companies. Gerhard Sälzer’s key professional competencies and expertise revolve around business ​​administration, corporate finance, controlling, mergers & acquisitions (in particular due diligence and company valuations), as well as corporate restructuring and start-up management.

He has studied business administration at the Universities of Münster and Innsbruck. After graduating with a degree in business administration from the Westphalian Wilhelms University of Münster in 1993, he worked as a research assistant for the Department of Business Administration, Human Resources and Organization at the Julius Maximilians University of Würzburg, where he obtained his PhD. Among his various private sector roles, Gerhard Sälzer also worked as a lecturer at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden. Prof. Dr. Sälzer teaches at IU since 2012, and has become a part of the institution’s academic administration team in 2018.

Selected publications:

Deipenbrock, S./ Landewee, L./ Sälzer, G. (2019): Digitale Transformation des Controllings bei Deutsche Post International Potentiale und Herausforderungen durch Nutzung von Predictive Analytics. In: Controller Magazin, 1/2019, S. 45-51.

Sälzer, Gerhard. (2000): Die Effizienz deutscher Winzergenossenschaften - institutionelle und empirische Analysen, Gabler Verlag, Wiesbaden.

Sälzer, Gerhard (2002): Shareholder Value und Humankapitalmanagement - Herausforderungen der Personalpolitik in Telekommunikations Start-Up’s, erschienen in: WunderbareWirtschaftsWelt - Die New Economy und ihre Herausforderungen, Verein der Freiburger Wirtschaftwissenschaftler (Hrsg.), Baden-Baden.


Am I able to get a scholarship?

Depending on your circumstances, location, and academic achievements, we offer competitive scholarships of up to 67%. Simply reach out to your personal Study Advisors to discuss your scholarship options. 

Can I pay the courses fees in instalments?

Here at IU, we offer flexible payment options, please contact our student advisory team for more details.

Can I get a 100% scholarship?

We currently only offer up to 67% scholarship for online degrees and up to 25% scholarship for on-campus degrees. However, we also work together with local funding partners and can guide you in seeking employer funding if it is a possibility for you. Please reach out to your personal Study Advisor to discuss other funding options. 

How does my financial situation play into it?

We believe in making education accessible to everyone. Aside from your previous academic achievements, we’ll also take your financial situation into consideration when offering our scholarships.  

Am I able to use the money of a third party (employer, credit etc) to pay my fees?

Yes, we work closely with local funding partners, financiers, and employers to pay for your studies. Simply reach out to your personal study advisor and they will guide you through the payment process. 

Why do you ask for my income?

We do not ask for your income, only for your monthly budget that you would like to spend on your studies. This is so we can help you choose the right programme and time model that suits your budget. 

Will I be called?

Yes, we’d like to be able to talk to you one-on-one to answer all your questions and guide you through the application process. Make sure you submit the correct phone number so your personal Study Advisor can get in touch with you quickly.   

We are also GDPR-compliant so your data will not be shared with any third-party services. Only IU employees who are directly responsible for contact requests will receive access to your personal data.