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Report on the Future of Work

Increased automation and digitalisation are re-shaping the job landscape all over the world. What are the expected benefits and challenges of these trends? And how can you best prepare in order to be successful in the job market of the future? Find out by downloading our report on the future of work.

Trends in the Future of Work: How to navigate a shifting global landscape

The COVID-19 global pandemic has forced and accelerated profound changes in the modern workplace. Employers who were unwilling to let their employees work from outside the office, were now forced to send staff to work from home due to contact and travel restrictions.

When restrictions were lifted, many have found that this new reality offered more benefits than expected, and more and more companies are now pushing for a fully remote or a hybrid workplace model, combining office and work from home schedules.

This new reality in the modern workplace has escalated the financial disparities between skilled employees with digital capabilities, who were able to quickly adapt to this new reality, and unskilled, uneducated employees who were forced to switch to the precarious jobs offered by the gig economy in order to make ends meet.

These two factors, along with continuous advancements in workplace automation (brought on by artificial intelligence) are expected to dramatically transform the workplace in the coming decade.

To find out the predictions and estimations on which jobs will be jeopardized, which skills will be in high-demand and how employees can prepare themselves for these changes, download our report on the future of work.

REPORT: The future of work

Interested in learning more about the future of work? 

Find out what are the work skills and professional knowledge that are expected to be in high-demand in the upcoming years; how artificial intelligence is projected to impact jobs; and how employers are preparing for the future of remote work. Read our report on the future of work. 

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