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At IU International University of Applied Sciences, our programmes are designed to best prepare you for your professional future. Because your success is our success. Find out how studying with us helped our IU alum build a successful career and develop important professional skills.

94% of our graduates find a job within the first three months of graduating

And, after two years following their studies, an average of 80 % have management responsibilities. On top of that, 96 % of our students recommend studying with IU International University of Applied Sciences. This information was reported by 9,000+ students who participated in an external quality review performed by, Germany’s leading online studies review portal, which named IU as one of Germany's leading online studies universities.

Success stories of our IU students and graduates

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A Degree in English Means International Career Prospects

When you study in the English language for a degree from IU International University of Applied Sciences that's recognised worldwide, you not only improve your skills in the most important language for business in the world – you also significantly increase your chances of finding a position in an international company.

Even if you prefer to stay in your home country after graduating, your international degree and strong English skills will help you advance to roles with international responsibilities, including managerial positions. This could improve your salary and career prospects significantly, make you a stronger candidate for each position you interview for and prepare you for future changes and challenges in your local job market.

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Take the first step towards achieving your goals: study at IU International University of Applied Sciences and earn an internationally accredited degree in the field of your choice.​

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Personal counselling
Have any questions?

Visit our FAQ page or get in touch with our Study Advisors.

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