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You have completed your StraighterLine course and want to study further? Find out what's possible for you at IU International University of Applied Sciences!

About our cooperation

Welcome to IU International University of Applied Sciences and congratulations on completing your StraighterLine courses! If you wish to continue your education, take this opportunity at IU to enrol in a degree program of your choice. You can transfer the credits from your StraighterLine course so you can save some time and work in the degree you are starting at IU. To do so, simply call our Study Advisory Team and ask for your special StraighterLine discount code. At IU, you can study 100% online and have full flexibility.

Our Study Programs

IU has developed the world's largest integrated range of study programs with Bachelor's, Master's and MBA programs in Data & IT, Business & Management and Health & Social Care. The degrees are 100% online and feature versatile digital learning tools with live virtual formats. Learn more about IU on

Why choose us?

Our idea is to offer affordable high quality degrees to all the StraighterLine students making it possible for you to finish a Bachelor study programme without having lots of dollars of debts. Not only is the pricing attractive but we also offer the possibility to study one semester abroad in Berlin or Bad Honnef (Bonn) in Germany! We also have many more great advantages:


You decide where and when you want to study


Our courses are accredited by well-known certification bodies and awarded multiple times. We offer top quality education.


Build your career with a completed study program at IU.

How does it work?

  1. For online registration, contact one of our study advisors to receive your special StraighterLine discount code. They will also be happy to help you choose the right degree programme for you.
  2. Apply for a study programme on this page and enter the discount code you recieved from your study advisor.
  3. Your application will be reviewed. If you are accepted, you will receive a confirmation.

Admission Requirements

What you'll need to study with IU

To meet IU's admission requirements, you must first select your degree program, as the requirements vary depending on the program and its credit model.

Go to or click on the "Admissions" section on the page of the degree program you are interested in. There you will find detailed information about the academic requirements you need to meet when applying.

You can contact our Student Advisory Team, who will offer you solutions in individual cases and support you in applying for the right Bachelor's or Master's degree program.

Don't forget to ask our study advisors for your special StraighterLine discount code.

About IU

At IU, our mission is to create opportunities for institutions and organisations to expand their fields of knowledge. With over 20 years of experience in education, over 95,000 students and a recommendation rate of 98%, we're committed to delivering job-relevant courses and degrees to the global community.

With over 350 courses and 100,000 learning hours, our online programs are designed with the highest teaching standards and require minimal operational effort to set up and run.

Personal counselling

Have any questions?

Visit our FAQ page or get in touch with our Study Advisors.

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